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What skis to rent for my parents?

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It would be the first time my father's on carving skis...he's been skiing for a long time (most recently on some 180cm Fischer skinny skis). He's an intermediate skier - covered a lot of miles but doesn't go for tough stuff. It would be great to get him skis that would help in the transition from old school to carving.

My mother is a low intermediate, happy cruising easy blues. She's been on some very early carving skis, a bit of sidecut but not as much as today's models.

Suggestions welcome - model, length (I guess height minus 10/15cm), etc.. Also, for European Bears, should I get from the ski shop Intermediate or Advanced Equipment? (I'm thinking Advanced may be maintained better, it should be fine for my father, but will it be too hard for my mother?)

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since your parents have skied for years, you should rent them at least mid-level rental equipment. i think an extreme carving model will be too much of a change for them, so look for an all=mountain shaped ski specifically.

as for length, they should rent skis that are not taller than themselves. you shouldn't have to specify length when reserving the rental packages ahead of time.
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I had the same thoughts about getting rental-skis for my parents two years ago.
My dad tried a few different ones, and found most of them ok, but had a hard time changing his skiing. I think he liked a pair of Head's the best.
My mom on the other hand only needed about an hour of coaching before she was carving, at least on the mellower groomers.
She was on Rossi B1's @around body height I think.
My dad was on Advanced gear and my mother on Intermediate from the rental shop in La Daille (Val D'Isere)
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i think most mid-range skis will be fine. there is little to no crap. the head ic 160 in particular seems to be a very good ski that can be handled by anyone yet has some performance for better skiers to offer. i once skied a grey fischer rental ski (xtr or rxt i think, the rental model out of the RX line) and that was a good ski, too. they both provide good edge hold.

the ic 160 now is called something 260. this ski is one that you could ask shop staff to relate their skis to to find out which might fit.

your mother might be just fine on a 160cm length or so. your father likely on the 170cm.
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