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Shopping in Vancouver

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Hi all,

6 of us arrive in Vancouver on New Years Eve and have a night there before we move off to Lake Louise and Sun Peaks for a couple of weeks early the following morning.

Some of our group have some serious shopping to do, including my wife,yikes and I wonder where the best areas to shop are. items on the agenda are:
  • Ski outfit, North face,Arcteryx or Helly are preferred brands
  • Helmets Giro Fuse or 10
  • Thermals
  • Goggles
We are looking around the West broadway area as there seems a few stores there. is that the best location as our time will be limited. Hopefully stores are open New Years Eve also.

Thanks very much for any advice or suggestions
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snowcovers in Van.

but why not travel new years day, arrive that afternoon and shop then or the next AM?

also if you are going to LL Wilsons's is great. and 7 % less tax in alberta too.
monods in banff (45min from LL)
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What mntlion said - go shop in banff or canmore and save your 7% provincial sales tax. I'd suggest checking the man's gear swap deals for skis and stuff too as he has great value.

If you still insist on getting your stuff in vancouver first - Snowcovers in Vancouver is one-stop shopping; www.snowcovers.com; down the street from them is Comor's which is more generic - helpful but less knowledgeable staff.

West Broadway will be outerwear specific. MEC; Altus; Valhalla Pure; Europe Bound are all there for all your colour-coordination needs.

The arcteryx second store has 40 tp 60% off on gear and is in East Van - cant recall the address but its on the website.

As for opening hours - well you'll have to ask them. I'm not sure.
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thanks for the replies guys. Much appreciated
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