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Pain from a new footbed

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Is it normal to feel pain from a new footbed? I had a pair of custom Conformable footbeds done for my new boots (Rossi Soft 1's) and when they had me try them on and flex for a while in the shop, I ended up with a pretty sharp pain under the forward part of my arch.

They did some very minor adjustment to the orthodic, e.g. removed some material, and they felt a bit better.

I skied them yesterday and everything felt great, no pain, hardly even realized they were there.

Was it just flexing to hard and abnormally in the shop that would've caused this, or do orthodics generally need some adjustment.

The tech has a rep as a real pro and has been doing this for some time, so I had the feeling he knew what he was doing.
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Usually it takes a few days to get used to having something under foot like a footbed. It's usually recommended that you use wear an orthotic for an hour or 2 and slowly increase the time. The other thing I find is that skiing on a custom footbed, you need to relax your feet more. when I try to hang onto edges too hard or grip with my toes instead of just rolling the ankles/legs over, I start to cramp under foot (arch)

If the fitter was too agressive with the arch support, and did not give you a little room to flex, you could get some pain under the arch because this area of the foot is your natural "shock absorber" and by filling it all the way up, there is no room for your foot to move and "absorb" shock forces created by walking or skiing.
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Thanks for the info. I'm still not sure what the problem was, but regardless it only manifested itself in the shop. Once I got on the hill the boots and footbeds felt great.

My concern was really if it was normal to have immediate issues with a new footbed that required adjustments. I guess I was under the mistaken assumption that since these were an "exact" mold of your foot, they would be good to go as is....
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I think fine tuning is normal. The process may be different now but when I had mine made a couple of years ago they used vacum in the plastic bag to mold the footbed. Then they had to trim it to fit in the boot and then fine tune it a bit more.
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Your footbed has two basic parts. The "blank" is what the molded to your foot, on some sort of pillow. The "posting" is a preshaped foam that is heate, and glued to the bottom, and then ground. This is all done by hand, and small adjustments are normal.
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