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I am looking for cheap accommodation in Frisco which is close to a bus stop that goes to breckenridge and Keystone and is also close to a few restaurants.

So far i have come up with the Snowshow motel which is on the main street and has a bus stop out the front. Does anyone know whether i would have to catch a bus to the Frisco station first and then to Keystone or Breckenridge or do they go direct from the mian street? This made me think... http://www.summitstage.com/System%20...er%2004-05.pdf

Now there is also the Ramada which seems to be close to the frisco station but i am definitely not sure about that. If it i could walk to the frisco station then it may cut the time it takes to get to the resorts down by a lot if they all leave direct from the Frisco Station. Anyone here from Frisco? This is its location http://www.ramada.com/Ramada/control/Booking/map?MQZoom=8&pid=12336&brandInfo=RA&latitude=39584 9&longitude=-1060942&iconLat=395912&iconLon=-1060942&dirSearch=true&MQPanDir=N&ShowPOIs=N&Click Recenter=Y

Any other options that you know of?

Thanks a lot.
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Whoops. Wrong forum. How do i delete this thread?
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