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Predator wear

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Any experiences with Predator wear? Being on the patrol, I only need a shell for my vacations. Since I wear red-and-black every day, I think it's time to put away the red-and-black Columbia shell. Are they breathable? It's the Katana model with Ram air and Bola-Tex. Teflon coated and taped seams. 20,000 waterproof and windproof. It has 4 vents and a ton of pockets. Anybody use them? let me know what you think. Thanks, Aceman
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I have worn Predator pants for 2 years now and stay warm and dry on heavy snowfall days. Lots of pockets too.
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A buddy of mine is a Predator rep - he says their stuff is quite breathable and for the price it's got a ton of extras - on warm days I'm sure the vents help breathability but I somehow doubt the breathability of the fabric itself can match an XCR setup - I'm seeing him tonight so I'll quiz him and post back if I get any new info.
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Stay away- while the product may be ok they do not pay their reps and are a sketchy company in the industry with a uncertain reputation. I have heard some horror stories.
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Weird...their jackets max out at 57" chest but pants at 38" waist...
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