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Proudest Father!

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Hey All,

Sorry for the small mislead. My dog and I had a father son moment today. You see, he is a herding dog (English Shepherd), and has never taken kindly to movement that wasn't walking. Therefore, he doesn't like skis, skates, skateboards, or bikes. So, I was out yesterday, piling up snow for a frontyard jump, and tonight, before working on it more, I had to walk the dog. I thought...snow on street, dog is excited to go, try new tele rock skis behind dog, acting like I am walking. Didn't work. He pulled at his leash and spun me around a few times being a pain. Then, (cue sappy music) he took off, and walked me all around the neighborhood I am so proud, tear. Happy Sunday Night Everybody! Except Jay Feely.

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Congrats to you, your dog, and the Seahawks!
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