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Which ski to rent?

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I'll be skiing a week at Whistler the last week of Feb. and I plan on renting skis from now on. With the improvement in technology each year and for the price of new skis I'm better off renting when I go out west , which is usually 5 - 10 days a year. I can use my older Volkl P40's on the Wisconsin ice. I'm 6'5" and 265 lbs. I can ski anything when the conditions are fair to good. I have trouble in wet deep snow but I can handle just about anything else. I spend about half my time in the moguls and the rest all over the rest of the mountain. Last year at Alta I rented a pair of Atomic Sugar Daddies and it was nirvana in the powder. Anyway my choices for rental are: Salomon Scream 10 Pilot Hot, Atomic R 10, K2 Axis X, or Rossignol B2. Any suggestions?

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R:ex would be my choice. Good if deep new snow is forecast, but also good if stays dry.
R:11 if no real accumulation of new snow.
Sugar Daddy if lots of new snow is forecast for the whole duration.
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Avoid the Solomon at all costs.. that ski is just horrible... B2 sounds like a great choice! and I think you would be surprised on how well the R:ex handles all over the mountain

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Of the skis you listed I would choose the B2. Of all the skis available in the category I would choose either the Volkl 7 24 AX3 or Elan Mantis M12.

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I like the suggestions for the REX if you're looking to use only one ski for the entire trip. I'm almost exactly your size and I find the B2 to be too soft for my liking when I ski agressively.
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I have never had a good experience with Salomon (skis not boots--i have a pair of x wave 9.0) I am now on Volkl AX3 and love them--def give them a try this year [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Why are you limited to just those skis? The shops in Whistler/Blackcomb have a much better choice then that. You can even get different skis for different day's. I would suggest you contact some other ski shop. My friends rented PR's went they were out there with us 2 years ago. I took my 10EX's and had a good time. You may want to try the AX4, I don't know but it may be better for the moguls. The AX3 would be a good choice too, for the day's when you don't have fresh snow.
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