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Bandit XX replacment

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I am 5'11, 160 and ski exclusively in the Sierra. i can ski single blacks with no problem with struggle with double blacks. I have a pair of Bandit XX (177) that i have used for 3 seasons, but only about 10-15 days a season. is there any reason to think they ski's are "worn out" (does that happen?) and if so what would be a good replacement. I have a dedicated powder ski, so i need something that will do crud, bumps, groomed, but doesnt need to handle powder. Thanks!
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How many times have you had them tuned?
I suspect a good profesional tune and wax is all you need unless the skis have been damaged a number of times.
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One way to check whether they need replacing is to see if they still have sufficient camber. In other words, are they still nice and springy. Punt them together, is there still space between the ski's in the middle, do they rebound when pressed to the floor?

Never keep your ski's clamped together with the brakes or strapping longer than strictly necessary (for transport). Best to store them apart, that way they aren't flattened by long storage.

Other than that those ski's should be fine after 45 days use. Treated well they could last hundreds of days use!
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I have around 125 days on first generation xx (tribal graphic) and they still ski great. I belive the first generation xx was a bit stiffer with less side cut than the models that followed.Which ones do you have?
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I have a pair of red/white XX (01-02) with probably 60ish days on them and they still have life, haven't been overly hard on them although I skiied onto a few big rocks last weekend and banged them up pretty good. Oh well, as long as I don't wreck the S900's on em I'll be happy.
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