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I posted my review of my experience with the 2006 Atomic Izor 9:7m skis (168 cm w 2006 Atomic Neox 412s) about a month ago. At the time, I didn't have the chance to ski them on hardpack and ice. Today I did at Killington in Vermont.

The Izors did very well on the hardpack and ice. I found the edgehold to be strong and consistent with no discernable chatter. I'd have to rate its hardpack and ice performance as superior to the other skis I've owned recently (Atomic R11, Atomic M11 and M10).

At first, I was actually a bit surprised at the extent of its edgehold and had to moderate the pressure during my turns a bit until I got the feel of them on hardpack and ice. Once I did that, I was very comfortable on them. I found I didn't need to pressure the skis on the hardpack and ice as much as other skis I'd had. That may have accounted for the reduction in chatter too. Although, I understand the magnesium rods in the skis could have something to do with that as well.

Overall, I continue to be very impressed and happy with this ski.