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Rec Slaloms ?

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Any one tried these 2004s:
Fischer WC SC 123-66-102 (pretty wild sidecut, same as last yr)
Rossi 9S Oversize 110-65-98 (supposed to be better this season)
Volkl P60 SC 120-64-107 (another wild sidecut)

I'm looking to go longer, like 165cm in a less demanding ski (currently on 157cm SL:11).
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From what I have demoed, a longer SL ski makes a good all mountain ski. Not as good as a deadacated all mountain ski but ok. Why do you need a SL ski do you race?
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You are going to find variations among the skis for sure but you will also find variation among the "race stock" type skis.

Are you using the skis for any gates or do you just like to do short radius turns?

Read some of the posts by Heluvaskier ... he makes lots of good points regarding the attributes of the SL's.
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I'm requesting info on these skis because no one talks about 'em. I think I have read all of the posts, but may have missed one. If someone has already posted the info, let me know. Heluva has posted lots of info on the Elans, I should consider the HCX, but I am curious about these. Note I didn't ask about Supersports!! On the groomed, I like to get the ski way out to the side of my body. On the course, I like to attack. I just can't handle the power of some race skis and can't keep up with 'em. I end up in the back seat when it is steep and rutty. Guess I want a slower ski - ha. Obviously I'm no FIS skier. Thanks.
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We have talked a great deal about the WC SC. I rep for Fischer and own a pair. As far as I know the ski has the smallest radius of any ski an the market. I love the ski.
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Keely and mag reviews say its good in med and long turns as well. How do they do this with such a small radius?
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ok, I just searched and found opinions on the fischer. Found a great review on the RC as well. I will try to demo as I haven't been on a fischer in 15 years.
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