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These 168s are the skis you are looking for! New in 03, these are the ones that will float in powder, cruise through crud and give you a great ride even on hard pack. They are fun backcountry or in the park, if you are inclined. They are mounted, WITH the x-tra wide snow brake. They having alluring graphics, always a reliable conversation starter with snow glazed tourists on the chair.

They have Look Pivot 10 titanium bindings.

They need a new home, hopefully yours. I would keep them but for the fact that I am going shorter, much shorter. I am old and lazy and shorter lets me pretend to last all day (stretching out those cocoa breaks)

So, for a mere $220, these GREAT skis, did I mention they are super in crud, versatile in all conditions??? can be yours. Hot waxed, ready to go!