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ski boot warmer

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i'm looking for a good ski boot warmer the kind that warms you boot while riding. anyone know anyhting good???

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boot heaters

if you are still looking, i have hot tronics in my langes and LOVE IT! embedded in foot bed so no wrestling with sticky foot warmers, just dial up the heat and really, really nice. a great investment even if my friends thinl i'm a pussy
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DO A SEARCH!! there are like 10 topics about this.
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Eat a lot of small snacks/meals and wear a hat/helmet. Additionally keep your cheeks (on your face) covered to avoid the mamillian dive reflex from happening. Blood to the extremities depends on several factors. Heating devices simply cannot compensate for poor nutrition and the body's natural response to cold.
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Someone gave me a pair of hot tronics, so I'm going to try them out this season. On really cold days, I have found those ugly-looking boot gloves very effective, you put them on your boots while they are still warm, and they keep the boot shells from chilling. It'll be interesting to see how the hot tronics compare.
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Get the Hotronics. Thanks to injury and stupidity (resulting in frostbite), I have very poor circulation in both feet. Without them, I couldn't ski many of what most people consider nice days, much less the really cold ones (and I ski a lot of those).

I've found that they won't always keep my feet toasty warm, but they will (on those really brutal days) keep them from getting uncomfortably cold, at least until the rest of me succumbs.
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I echo what Garylk says: I got frostbite in my toes years ago while trying to ski in ultrathin socks on a -20F day (dumb!). My toes get cold when it is 35 degrees outside. Battery operated bootwarmers changed my life and allow me to ski again in zero degree temperature. I currently have the Hotronics and love them.
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