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Originally Posted by Cirquerider
And to think it was this time a year ago you got those skis. I'm happy for you that they exceeded all expectations. I'm still hoping to try some Allstars out here before the season is out. There are demos at Kirkwood I can try. We just keep getting so much snow, the conditions are not right. Can you believe the summit base depth is 24 feet?
Thanks Tom! Perhaps if I can get my act together on the home front we can just click ya into mine next year huh?

If you do try a pair this season please post your impressions right here...many would be anxious to read your thoughts I am sure It would add a lot to this thread comparing the 6 star to the allstar on back to back runs in the same length. I don't think that has been done on epicski. I sure would like to read it.


10K plus views on my thread and approaching 15K views for your Mantra thread. Yep, we done ok indeed:

As the allstars are redesigned for 2007 tho I doubt I can catch you. My impressions will soon be obsolete

I need oboe to keep bumping it, hey oboe where ya been???

It was a blast! The skiing and the writing!

We need some more skis to review my friend!!! This ski review stuff is fun. Like I said, I'm ready for some racetigers Make mine 165's.....

I suppose 2007 allstars might work too....I jump on a pair of those and this little pet might live on......Flat arse broke tho so not likely....: George Harrison "taxman" is the tune of the month for me.....that and the budget police just discovered the RX8's.


It's tennis and golf for me now..... ttyl
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Originally Posted by hrstrat57
....that and the budget police just discovered the RX8's.
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Here's some more spray for the Allstars... I just rode mine for the first day yesterday. I'm 6'2" 185 lbs and the skis were 175s. Copper mountain was claiming 5" so I hesitated a bit at the car, thinking maybe I should take the mid-fat Xtra Hots that I'm used to. Myself and the crew I was with were most definitely headed off piste as much as possible. I thought, 'don't be such a weenie, get on 'em and see how they do'. After all, it's not we didn't ski a lot of powder on skis less than 70 underfoot backintheday!

Well, I'm very pleased to say that the skis did great in wind pack, areas of foot deep snow, powder bumps, everything. In fact, they rocked. We skied a lot of variable above timberline snow, though it wasn't *very* variable. Still, some of my good friends that I ski that kind of stuff with all the time expressed the sentiment that it wasn't really easy skiing. I was thinking it was butter! This is not a one-trick pony at all but a very versatile all mountain ski for skiers that like to carve. You eastern folks should be all over these. In less than a foot of fresh they don't lack much.
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I am new to the Barking Bear Forums and you guys are great!! I have been a long time Volkl fan and currently ski the 04' 5*. I am going to get a pair of allstars because of all the great feedback on them. The 5*'s are great skis so I have to believe the Allstars are going to be killer!!! I will be selling my 5*'s very soon so if anyone is interested let me know. Thanks for all the great info on the boards..
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Great thread everyone, thanks for sharing the wealth of info. My tale and why I am posting it here:

I'm 43, 5' 9", 215#. Eastern skier. I had a few zen experiences on my 191 '97 Carvers on Superstar at Killington over the years. That is, for a few fleeting minutes, it all came together and my skis seemed to move effortlessly under me as they gracefully slid from edge to edge. I skied fast and in control, but only for one or two runs at best.

Sadly, most of my skiing on blacks feels like work. I get tired and just throw the skis sideways to slow down. Watching Lito made me understand (I think) what I was doing wrong most of the time, and what was happening those few times I got it right. Groomed Blues seem to be what's best for me most of the time. However, I would like to take things to the next level this winter.

One more highly relavent piece of info . . . I've lost 35 pounds since last ski season doing the Atkins/South Beach thing. I don't *think* I'll put it back on as it no longer feels like a burden to eat this way. (I still drink dry red wine, which is allowed and my doc has approved! This could be WHY it doesn't feel so burdensome. ) I continue to loose weight, albeit slower now, and will probably get to 190-195 by the time I'm done. Obviously, the excess weight was a contributing factor to my quad fatigue.

So here's my options as I see them:

1. Watch Lito several times/week throughout this season and make the most of these Carvers. Demo the RX6, RX8, 5* and allstars if I get a chance.

2. Plop the $$ down on an unknown quantity (unknown to me) and retire the Carvers. Get some instruction wherever possible (HR's Italian link and elsewhere) and join the rest of you in the new world.

I'm leaning towards 1, but even if I did demo, how would a skier at my ability be able to tell which will work out best for me in the long run?

Any recommendations on skis, techniques, etc* are all welcome.


* I was also going to throw in Sonoma Cabernets, but we'll save that for another thread.
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Demoing does work, skis feel different and you will notice which ones work for you.

That being said, buying a pair of appropriate skis without demoing would most likely be pretty safe. Length will be a big decision, but I think for example a pair of RX8's at 170 would be awesome for you. I weighed what you will weigh last year and am on 165's. This year I'll also be down in weight, in my case to about 180. The 165's were a tad short for 200 lbs, but OK.

RX6's are also excellent skis.

I think your skiing will progress faster with new skis than with just watching videos and skiing on 191's. If you could demo early season and buy that would be perfect, but all the great deals are right now!
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hey Marcusfire thanks to you my little pet lives on ...

Thanks! I'm pretty proud of this thread and put a lot of work into it last year!

First a disclaimer....2007 allstars are somewhat changed as I understand, I do not expect to get to ski them this year tho I sure wish I could then I could continue to bump this monster(are you listening Volkl!!!) This thread is about the 2006 Allstar...and subsequent comparison with my Fischer RX -8's


random thoughts.

-Last year I had the following skis on my wish list as well..
-Elan m666 or magfire 12
-Dynastar legend 8000
I believe these could present a comprimise for you that could be considered. A bit less shapely and thus an easier bridge from the Carvers to modern skis...in other words a bit more forgiving and accomodating of a more old school approach, I ski'd the 666 in a 176 and loved it...I understand the M662 is very similar and still can be found very cheap. I think dawgcatching on this forum might be another source. Others can chime in on this option better....I opted for 2 pair of supershapes....and never looked back, as you can tell from this thread.

I can't argue with SMJ's analysis above....see also his thread regarding our ski swapping, also includes OES opinions which I am certain you will find relevant....(might be in this thread too, can't recall)


My opinion thus is as follows:

Keep watching the videos, including Lito....buy a supershape ski, perfect for "superstar": at the K and join the revolution. I have no doubt in your motivation and expect you will experience everything I did last year. It is absolutely like flying. The videos in my signature will help you on your journey. Remember tho I am a former experienced ski instructor and a huge visual learner. You might be best served with seeking help of a ski pro somewhere along your path of learning....maybe not...I'll leave that to you. After dialing in the skis a visit with Jeb Boyd at ESA might not hurt

I tell you no lies.....at 190 lbs I can recommend either of the skis I own...168 allstar(again I haven't ski'd the 2007 I am recommending the 2006) or 170 Fischer RX-8. This thread and the other above are loaded with opinions that agree with me. Of course there are other ski's in this category that rock too. I know either of these will work for you....with the descriptions of yourself you have provided I might lean just a tad bit more to the RX - 8.

Do it:

and report back here when you do!!!

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The Dawg just hooked me up with:

2005/2006 Fischer 170 RX8 w/FX12 $449

Found them in this thread:


Very pleasant gentleman to speak with.

Now . . . Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snooooooow!!
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And many thanks to SMJ, HR and everyone else who has shared their thoughts and helped me get to this point.
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Originally Posted by MarcusFire View Post
The Dawg just hooked me up with:

2005/2006 Fischer 170 RX8 w/FX12 $449

Found them in this thread:


Very pleasant gentleman to speak with.

Now . . . Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snooooooow!!
A very fine choice! Come back and give us a review after you ski'em a while.
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