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Hi! am new to this board but great advice! I'm looking to upgrade (finally!) from my trusty t-nines to a good all mountain. Was thinking Phat loves, but was told that they really need to be cranked on any hard pack/groomers and that the change from my tnines (a 68 waist) would be a shock to my system. So a friend told me to forget those and go for thhe lotta loves, (119/78/105) Also heard about the new twin tip k2 missdemeanor.It's described as a park and pipe ski (I do neither) was someone said that it makes a really nice all mountain ski (soft, 113/80/104).

My question is, what difference does that bigger sidecut in the missdemeanors make? The lotta loves have some metal construction to them and i am wondering if that makes them really heavy?

anyone skied either of these?In what conditions?
am looking for a solid, all mountain, good-in-crud kind of ski. Used to have volant powerkarves, which I liked at the time but compared to the k2s were very heavy and slow edge to edge.
I'm 5'6, 118 lbs, my friends say "advanced skier with no balls....
any advice??