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Thanks Ski03, great post.

Food - We would like to try something different, whether it be food or location, to what we have here in the UK. Both of us like healthy food, organic if possible, perhaps in a quirky setting. Budget, not sure, not too expensive or pretentious, we like to be made to feel welcome not privileged, if you get my drift.

On vacation - Theatre and history are good, shopping as well (not necessarily my own personal choice but could be someone elses).

Dates - In SF on the 17/18/19 Feb

Hope that helps.

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more recommendations

Restaurants (google them for more info):
Greens - Fort Mason (in Marina district)
Isa (Marina District)
The House (North Beach)
Chez Panisse (Berkeley)
Oliveto (Oakland, right near Rockridge BART station)
Chaya (Embarcadero)
More dining info: www.opentable.com

IMO, it is not worth it to go out to Vacaville to shop at outlets on the way back from Napa, I don't find the selection or prices warrant a 1 hour roundtrip sidetrip where you're not big shoppers. The stuff out there is not unique.

I DO highly recommend stopping at the jewelry mart, if you're looking for jewelry. You can have them make it, and pick it up when you return (n.b. they may or may not be open on a weekend, so check). For instance, several times, I have had a shop there knockoff a Tiffany design for about 25-30% of the cost of the same materials/design that I could have purchased at Tiffany, e.g. plat, G color, VS1 diamonds, or Tahitian black pearls, etc....
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Chez Panisse

If you are healthy organic types...you can not miss Chez Panisse. Period. Amazing.
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Originally Posted by jackwan1

Make sure the "SUV" is a 4x4, most SFO car rental companies do rent SUV but they are NOT 4x4.... I have had the pleasue to call each and every one of them and found that MOST of the SFO car rentals do not rent SUV with 4x4.. For those do, you are going to PAY thru the NOSE...

Now, I believe almost ALL SLC car rentals rent SUV with 4x4.
Just to follow up. I called the SFO Budget rent a car location and they said that it was hit or miss whether you get a 2WD or 4WD SUV. In my reservations they noted that I wanted a 4WD but I am at the mercy of whatever is on the lot when I arrive. If there is a 4WD on the lot when I check in, its mine.

When I asked the lady how many 4WD's they normally have she told me they have quite a few and it should not be an issue. I probably will call the morning before flying out just to see how many are on the lot and perhaps a nice customer service person will show some compassion and put one aside for me!
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Make a second reservation with another car rental company... just to back up.
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Sounds like a great vacation

I think your problem (we all should have such difficulties!) will be is there's so much to ski and do in the Tahoe area and the bay area. Squaw's is a favorite places to ski, but Heavenly, Alpine Meadows and Kirkwood (a little off the beaten track on HWY 88 but the snow is deep and the views breathtaking as well) all offer Epic skiing. San Francisco is a blast. I would see some of the tourtest favorites---stroll around the Golden Gate bridge, check out Nob Hill, Haight Ashbury and Chinatown, see Lombard Street and take a trolley, do Alcatraz, have lunch by the water, drinks in the Carnelian Room which is on top of the Bank of America building--and if you can swing it, take a drive to Half Moon Bay for an afternoon in a beach town and then onto Carmel (former artists colony, 100 miles or so south of SF) for dinner or go the other direction to Napa (about 50 miles north of SF) and check out any number of culinary adventures and great wineries. One of my favorite Italian resturants, Tra Vigne in St. Helena can make the drive worth it all by itself. Big Sur is also worth experiencing and a picnic in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park on the coast would be make for a memorable afternoon. It's a little past Carmel on the coast highway. Have fun
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Thanks to everyne for the great information. Last day at work today then come Sunday we'll be on our way. Slightly worried about the high temperatures forecast for next week, hopefully there won't be any rain. See you on the slopes in Squaw!
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Originally Posted by PRC
Thanks to everyne for the great information. Last day at work today then come Sunday we'll be on our way. Slightly worried about the high temperatures forecast for next week, hopefully there won't be any rain. See you on the slopes in Squaw!
don;t worry, be happy... We skied on May 30th, last year, in short sleeves. Snow level is pretty low right now.
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Organic/Sustainable Food Restaurants - San Francisco Bay Area


Chez Panisse is an excellent recommendation by Dino & SkiMinker.


Organic/Sustainable Food Restaurant List in San Francisco Bay Area http://www.omorganics.org/page.php?p...5&contentid=87
Om Organics article http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/articl...DGJ3D04DJ1.DTL

Post a request on these two good forums (ChowHound & eGullet) for foodies asking for Best Organic Restaurant Recommendations in or near San Francisco. You may want to include this link http://www.omorganics.org/page.php?p...&contentid=134 from Om Organics plus some of the names of the restaurants from that list that sound interesting to you.


ChowHound http://www.chowhound.com/california/...francisco.html San Francisco Bay Area section
Article http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/articl...DGF7CV4KN1.DTL

eGullet http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showforum=27 California section


Chef Moz http://chefmoz.org/United_States/CA/San_Francisco/

Chez Panisse www.chezpanisse.com organic
Reviews: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/articl....DTL&type=food http://www.sallys-place.com/food/din...ca/sf/sf15.htm
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