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Turin Winter Olympics

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The World Cup has started and the Olympics will be coming up. Anyone going?
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Not me
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The owner of my local Chinese restaurant has been chosen as one of the chef for the IOC in Turin. Don't ask how a local back-water restaurant owner managed this but apparently he's cooked for Bill Clinton and others over the years and was personally asked to go.
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mate has just been asked to be a hill/gate man for li-ski (gates and crash netting) for the events. He has to stand right in the prime piste, and all gratis.

bar stool!!
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Funny, when I mentioned going to the Olympics, my Mom reminded me this holiday that I prabably wouldn't go unless I could participate i.e. ski or skate.
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I had a great time at Salt Lake and have some friends renting a house in Sestriere, as well as some friend competing, but I'm skipping this one. I attended the World Cup Finals there in 2004 which was a dress rehearsal for the Alpine and Nordic events. It was a bit of a logistical and organizational nightmare, and if you add Olympic security and media to that little valley it won't be a whole lot of fun to be a tourist. Plus the skiing there is not that great.
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