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Powder days from last year

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just a few clips of some Powder days last year at Marmot Basin.

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Good stuff. Thanks for sharing. You owe somebody a beer: the guy who carried the camera around while the rest of you tore up the snow.
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we both usually carry camera's and try to just leap frog down the hill and catch as much as we can. We tend to say screw the camera's too much and just ski.

My bud tends to never forget his, while I on the other hand when I do remember, suck at using it.
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That looked sweet! That section where you were skiing and using the camera - I hope you kept your other eye open... one of my friends used to do that and found inevitably, he'd fall if he closed one eye.

Thanks for sharing
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Originally Posted by Blaise
I hope you kept your other eye open... one of my friends used to do that and found inevitably, he'd fall if he closed one eye.

Thanks for sharing
I tried holding the camera to my eye, but the video ended up mostly me looking at the terrain as I would to ski, as I am skiing and my pee brain can't help watching where I'm going.

I tried holdig the camera from the top at waist level, keeping my shoulders as square as I could to the hill and try to keep my right arm still and pointed (gut feeling) at the subject. This worked okay but hard to get a full run of subject.

Holding the camera hand pole under your arm with the wrist strap still on seemed to assist in stabalizing and direction of shoot by Holding the pole and camera in unision as best as possible. My buddy did this for one run and it worked well keeping things stable and in shot. you see his pole tip in one shot.

I then tried holding it normally but not looking through the view finder or the screen and simply hold it in front of your face and look down the "barrell" to line up with the subject. This lets you still check the terrain and keep an eye on the shot. Hard to keep still but seemed to work better.

I still say give me a roll of duct tape and just put the camera on top of you head and tape it down.
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That friend I mentioned managed a wonderful crash using the one-eyed technique I mentioned earlier. He was following a skier and filming and you could tell from the footage that he was getting lower and lower as time went on until he somersaulted several times with the ensuing snow flying around. When he came to rest, he;'d managed to frame another member of our group perfectly who was following him down. The end result (as we saw on his TV) actually appeared intentional and professional
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A hearty thank you for posting the footage. Having fun in the frreshies w/friends. Nothing better.

Also thanks for you post on the 8800's in my other thread, forgot to say I appreciate your input of the skiis as a fellow lightwieght (140 pounds). Were you on your 8800's then?

Lets hope this winter brings some goods to us as its pretty dry so far. Cheers.
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Life is good on pow day with a life long friend.

The 2004 pow footage was not on the 8800's. They were 177 cm Rossignol Axium T-Power supers with the "Twin Deck" riser plate, 6mm look riser and P-10's.

The 8800's are look P-10's with the 6mm riser. I like the set up, might try more rise to see, but I want to get a "real" powder day in before I make any other changes.

Glad you appreciate the input, I know the lighter end of the scale often gets ignored and I beleive it's a different world for us with ski performance and reviews.

cheers back at ya
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