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DaleBoot mail order results--East Coast

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As some might recall, last month I was forced into a quest for new boots after I blew out one of my Rossis in a terrain park, this on the eve of leaving for a trip out west, with problematic feet and resulting horror visions of a ruined vacation thanks to breaking in new boots.

There's been a lot of debate here regarding flex versus stiffness, but as I'm not a racer (or really much of a terrain freestyler, either), my desire was to lean toward comfort (seems a no-brainer--everyone wants comfortable boots but finding them and still getting function, as well, can be two different things...).

In 2001 on a trip to Alta, a couple of my ski buddies came home with DaleBoots. One, a lifetime skier, was replacing a rather pricey pair of boots that were replete with custom liners and well-made orthotics. He and my other buddy had nothing but glowing reviews of their new DaleBoots when I started looking into what I was going to replace my old Rossis with.

But, the rub was headed out to SLC wasn't in the cards (I live in northern DE, and this year's trip, to Fernie, is far off the range of DaleBoot central). My friends tipped me off that I could do mail order, but I'm no where near being a bootfitter, and with my past history of boot pain, I was pretty nervous about getting out a tape measure and sending off my rough measurements to DaleBoots, especially with time being an issue with this looming trip.

Enter Priority Medical, in New Jersey. Spotted the link at the DaleBoot site under contacts. The fellow used to be a bootfitter in Killington, and sold DaleBoots out of his shop there. But his primary income was always sports medicine (braces, prosthetics, etc.)--apparently he'd roadtrip up to Killington every weekend, and kept a full time staffer up there for the slower weekdays, and eventually, that became more trouble than it was worth.

In any case, I gave him a call, and for an extra `~$75 tacked on to DaleBoot web prices, he does the measurements, then when the boot arrives in ~two weeks, he fits them (heating up the liner and orthotics)--he also provides some very high-end orthotics if you need to go that route, but I decided to give the Dale orthotics a $40 try. As it happened, another in my Fernie-bound group, a friend's wife (he is one of the fellows mentioned above who bought a pair of DaleBoots in SLC a few years ago) decided to do the same and ordered a pair.

From the extensive efforts he took in the initial measurements to yesterday when we picked them up, I couldn't have been more impressed that I was being handled by a bootfitter who really knew what he was doing. His analysis of our stances and the corrections required (I pronate, for one thing) were dead-on. When we went in yesterday, he went the extra mile, especially with my friend's boots, to tweak a lot of things to get her as straight as possible--we certainly got our money's worth that we never would have done if we'd rolled the dice and did the "do-it-yourself" approach.

And, the proof was in the pudding. We'd met with him first thing in the morning so we could bee-line it two hours driving time to the PA Poconos and spend the afternoon skiing in them, concerned as I am about getting things as right as possible before we leave in March for Fernie.

I'm happy to say I won't need to go back for any add-on tweaks! I can't believe I was skiing in new boots yesterday. I had no boot pain whatsover, and this is an issue that nearly drove me from the sport, as mentioned in a previous thread when I was researching which direction to go for new boots. I found, with adjustments, I was able to reduce any unwanted forward flex, so there was no real acclimating/discomfiture to the more flexible (than my old Rossi's) DaleBoot design. I didn't feel I was losing any ski control in the translation (I'm a fast skier), and my stance seemed to be perfect on the skis.

Color me a satisfied DaleBoot customer, and if you're on the East Coast, Priority Medical is worth the trip. My wife came along for the ride yesterday so she could get out on the slopes in the afternoon with us, and never having been satisifed with her Surefoot boot fit (Technicas?), she was so impressed with him she's debating a train ride into NYC to get a refund from the SureFoot there (I wonder if that guarantee is as easy as it sounds...) and then head back over to NJ and order a pair of DaleBoots for herself. She's in bunion city (she'll love me for announcing that!).
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AAron, thank you for the report.

Would you mind clarifying something for me?

You ordered the www.itsyoursole.com heat-moldable orthotics, and a boot and liner to fit the original set of measurements.

Reading your post, I take it that no correction work was done to the boot or footbed at Priority Medical after it was received? (Edited to further ask whether the SOLE footbed is a reasonable platform for correction and adjustment?


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Reading your post, I take it that no correction work was done to the boot or footbed at Priority Medical after it was received? (Edited to further ask whether the SOLE footbed is a reasonable platform for correction and adjustment?


In my case, no correction work needed to be done. However, he did tweak my friend's boots a bit. I was walking around a good bit in mine at the time looking for a hot spot (there were none, and it stayed that way skiing later that day), but as I recall, she thought her's were a bit wide in the toe so he did a couple things (padding for one) to reduce that. He adjusted the cant of her left boot with a new heel, and that was probably the more crucial tweak.

He took a moment to show my wife and I our friend's stance from the rear, first without her boots on, and we could see that her left and right ankles were leaning inward just a bit. She had her own orthotics (SureFoot, in fact), and he had her step into those (out of the boot) and showed us that the right one was doing a much better job correcting it than the left (commenting the SureFoot fitter had done a better job with the right). And, sure enough, when she then put her new boots on, the left's inward cant translated through the boot, as well. Since she wasn't getting new orthotics, he addressed this with a new heel for her left boot, and fortunately the heel straightened things right out.

My order consisted of DaleBoot's HeatFit III liner and boot, and the www.itsyoursole.com orthotics DaleBoot offers. I was sorely on the fence back at the measurements visit two weeks ago regarding the far pricier custom orthotics Priority Medical offered, but thought, at $40, it wouldn't be much of a gamble to see how things went with the DaleBoot orthotics first (and having just doled out a couple grand for my family's trip to Fernie, I thought a little conservatism might be appreciated by General Wife).

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Aaron, Why not drop The people at daleboot a line and let them know that you have posted here at Epicski. I have friends who were about to give up skiing due to vary painful feet. Daleboot saved thier feet and kept them on skis. Putting something like your post here means a lot to a small bussiness like Daleboot.

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In fact, I did. I sent them an email, pasting it and the link to it and added how happy I was with Priority Medical. When I'd initially called DaleBoot, the fellow I spoke with said something along the lines that I could just as easily do the measurements myself and not spend the extra money (perhaps their experience was that customer's didn't want to spend the extra). But I was a bit intimidated by this, especially in the interest of getting it right the first time, and felt pretty good about the fact-finding conversation I had with Priority Medical (Paul Caruso) later that day.

And, when all was said and done, I wanted to let DaleBoot know that Priority Medical was doing right by them, so the next mail order customer to come along might get pointed that way, increasing his or her chance's for success, not to mention reducing their anxiety about buying ski boots mail order (!).
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Fascinating post, I just checked the DaleBoot website, I hadn't heard of them before. When you read all the way through the website it's very impressive.

Just to be clear: the custom soles you got were the SOLE brand, is that correct? Those are heat fromed by you standing on them IN THE BOOT. I can see how that would form a comfortable sole, but is it medically correct (EG neautral position etc?). Did anyone (and can anyone here) comment on that?

Please correct me if it's not the SOLE footbeds.

Anyway, fascinating products...I'd be a bit nervous about my own measurements also. Does DaleBoot have any other centers / agents that measure feet in other parts of the country?

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If you go to their site, select the "How To Contact Us" for a list of dealers/fitters. www.dalebootusa.com

Failing someone local, combat tactics might include going to your local ski shop with the measurements form, buying something you need (new pair of long johns?), and doing a Columbo, "Oh, by the way, there's one more thing... I wonder if you could..."

And yes, the footbeds I went with are the Sole brand sold by DaleBoot.

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Please let us know if your wife gets the Surefoot refund etc!
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Thanks for your post. I hope Daleboots is something which will allow me enjoy skiing without hurting my feet. Do you, by any chance, still have name and contact information of the person in NJ who helped you? I tried to contact DaleBoot twice - they did not respond. Travelling to SLC is not an option for me, and there is no dealer in a reasonable distance from my place.

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Given that this thread is 6 years old I doubt that this will help much. If you call up daleboot on the phone you will likely get someone on the line as it is a small operation. Alternately, I would suggest posting you specific issues over at the the "ask a bootfitter" forum on this site and you will no doubt get some good recommendations. I think that with rare exceptions most issues can be dealt with by a good bootfitter. And with the heat moldable inserts used by daleboot now widely available from Intuition, almost any boot can become as comfortable and warm. So take a look at the guidlelines for posting your question and give it a shot there, you will probably get very useful advice. You may even be near a good bootfitter already.

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