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World Cup GS: What are they using?

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Anyone know what length and sidecut of skis specific world cup racers are using for GS this year? I heard Schlopy asked Atomic to make him some 10.22's with greater sidecut.
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Sidecut of GS skis is limited by FIS to 21m
To my knowledge that is what Atomic race stock skis have (graphics are about the only similarity between WC ski and the one you see in the store [img]smile.gif[/img] , so disregard the fact that they read 10.22)

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by VK:
...(graphics are about the only similarity between WC ski and the one you see in the store [img]smile.gif[/img]...

Is that true with all manufacturers? Back when I raced (late 70's/early 80's) it was
true for some, while other manufacturers' race stock skis were virtually identical
to "over the counter" ones.
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Just take a look at the number of "GEN-U-INE" race stock skis for sale on e-bay!

You need an "in" to vet out the real numbers from the run-o-the-mill..... now figure out if they are "A" stock .... "B" stock .... ??

This stuff is like buying drugs some days ... "I know a guy in Europe who can ..."

: :
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The Atomic BetaRace 10.22 Team ski (available to World Cup, Europa Cup, Nor-Am Cup, and FIS racers) are quite similar to the skis you can buy in the stores. This year's major differences is the that the team version does not have the titanium top sheet, but uses only an extra layer of fibreglass. Racers thought that the ski last year was too damp (metal in skis is now for vibration damping as well as flex characteristics). The other differences is that the team version has a 68mm waist, compared to 62 for the store model. Turn radius of about 22ish meters for the store model, 29ish meters for the team model. The same Beta profile is used on both models, with the same Titanium Power Channels. There is a machinist who make after-market riser plates for the Atomic race skis (9.16 and 10.22 use the same stock riser, with colour being the difference. The Variocharger on the 9.20 and 9.12 share the same mounting shape and holes as the Race Charger). The aftermarket risers stiffen the ski's waist area much more. They also cost as much as a pair of skis, since they are hand made one at a time. Ski lengths are either 193cm or 198cm for the men, depending on the course setting and slope, etc. Women use 183cm or 188cm. Certain top racers (Eberharter, Maier, Raich, etc) will generally have first crack at new skis as they become available. New Years usually brings new models for the World Cup guys, and now with the Olympics approaching, cosmetic changes will be prevalent.

So, Atomic's team skis differ from the store skis, but they are also quite similar. Certain other brands' race skis are completely different from the store skis, and only share the same paint. Other brands' team skis are exactly the same as the ones in the store. I get new skis every year, so I don't have to worry about the one negative of team skis. They don't hold up as well as the store models. A team ski is designed for racing or training, not skiing in moguls or powder, jumping cliffs or other conditions experienced on a normal ski day. The store model is built with this in mind. The sidecut of the team ski is also for racing at higher speeds, with stonger and more skilled skiers piloting them. The deeper side cut, and more forgiving flex make the store model a better choice for most skiers.

As to Schlopy's desire for more sidecut... I can't confirm anything, since I don't know anything about that issue.
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BetaRacer, were GSWC lengths a little shorter last season? Or was there some experimentation with shorter GS lengths? Thanks.
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Interesting stuff for sure...I just can't wait for the olympics. Who wants to wage that the gold medalists are on Atomics, anyone.......? BetaRacer, you're not allowed to Bet!!!!
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Atomic has been very aggressive in its marketing to competitive skiers. They are great skis, but there are also other great skis out there. If you see a lot more of any one brand on the racers feet - it doesn't mean they won because of the ski, it means the ski didn't hold them back to be sure, but they likely would have won on any ski.
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Last season had most of the FIS and above racers using 198cm for GS. Only the turniest courses had the athletes on anything shorter (193cm). This refers only to Atomic skiers. Other brands had their skiers down to the upper 180s.
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Whats above the FIS?
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Above FIS? Well I was implying that FIS was sort of the lowest level of the more elite level of international racing. Club > Zone > Region > FIS > NorAm/Europa Cup > World Cup
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Ah - I was confused because the FIS is the governing body at the highest levels as well, such as Olympics and World Cup.

Many of the men are racing GS on around 183-193cm skis at the World Cup level, the women are using 173-183. For comparison purposes we should note that most expert recreational skiing men are lucky if they have the same muscle tone as the World Cup women, and certainly don't ski as well . . . which makes the analogies to what ski length a rec skier should be on even more interesting!
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purely rumor, but i've heard that elan/stockli's store skis are closest to the race stock models (albeit w/out specially made plates, etc).

b.r.- 68mm underfoot on atomic race stock gs? damn. they doing that solely to prevent boot out, or is there another reason?
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Well, okay I'm confused here - Todd says 183 for mens GS / Beta says 193-198 for mens GS?
Which is it?
I watch the GS races on OLN each week and I know when they kick their skis off at the bottom and kiss them (whats up widdat?), the skis stand at least 6" above the skiers helmets. If they are 183's then these guys are pretty short...
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In Ski Racing Magazines October '01 Issue a coach mentions that actually the FIS's 21 meter GS sidecut ruling is keeping atheletes on longer skis than they would like to experiment with. But they are able to go as short as a 178cm ski in GS.

Herman Maier is mentioned in the same article as one of the few athletes using a ski as long as a 198 in some GS courses. "Because he generates such high edge angles and is so strong, he can make a 198 cm ski turn as effectively as some other World Cup skiers using 193’s (and that seems to more the high end for World Cup GS this year)."
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What I said is true for Atomic. I have spent enough time this year (fall included) preparing skis for testing and racing. No male sponsored or semi-sposored athlete in Canada chose below 193cm for their GS skis. Again, I do not know what there other brands' skiers use for length.

Speeds attained, and strength and skill of the athletes, true GS courses all contribute to the need for more powerful & stable = longer skis than what would be used at lower levels.

The 68mm waist is to prevent boot-out. This in turn make a larger turn radius. Last year, the 198cm team model had a 65mm waist. Tip and tail remain the same for team and store models.

I'm letting you in on some inside info, which you could find out about at any Nor-Am race with a tape measure. I'm just saving you some time and hassle. Race ski technology trickles down to store models, just like it does in the automotive and bike industries. Once designers know what they can do with certain materials, a product is developed with the consumer in mind.
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