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Foot Shape Example Photos Requested

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My family does a secret santa thing every year, and I want to buy ski boots for my person. I know all the usual cautions about buying boots without trying, but since he'll be moving up from rentals, anything will be a paradigm-shifting improvement. However, in order to buy a pair that fits his foot shape well without asking him pointed questions about it, I have to get his wife to find out some info for me. She has no idea what an instep is or what width really means. Therefore, I need you guys to send me some photos of different foot shapes (ideally with some extremes, especially with the instep) so that I can show her what I need her to look for.

I'm really excited, and think I can get away with a very slightly used pair of Tecnica Diablo Fires or Mags, or a Lange CRL 90 or Comp 100, or a Salomon X Wave 8 for <$150.

He's going to freak when he sees how much easier it is to ski with boots that aren't shaped like a cavernous cooking pot.

(I put it in this forum because it would get buried anywhere else)
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I solved the problem by taking pictures of my foot (pretty low volume, really low instep) and my dad's foot (high overall volume) and comparing them through lines, angles, and text in photoshop. A laborious process, but I think I got it across.
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Why don't you get a gift certificate labeled "for new ski boots and custom boot fitting" , accompanied by catalogs from Lange, Nordica, Technica, etc. instead? Or (if you really want to give a physical gift), be absolutely sure that the shop will do the appropriate fitting, and exchange them if necessary after the purchase.
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I think the key words are "less than $150". That could limit basically any ski boot purchased form a ski shop
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Right. I am not buying them for a real skier, this is a once-every-few years guy who won't know the difference. It was pretty funny when he finished telling me how he had taken 5 1-week trips but was an "advanced intermediate." This was after he had finished asking me if 200cm boards were still what he needed. I think any boot other than a rental will be a huge improvement.
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Yuyax- you read the post more carefully than I did. Sorry I missed that part (or misread the implication).
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