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which is right/left?

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This is a stupid question but I gotta know. I just picked up my first set of powder boards, a pair of pocket rockets. I can't figure out which is the left ski and which is the right.: I'm not familiar with this wide of a ski, does it make a difference what ski is on what foot?

Thanks for taking the time,
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The skis are identical. It really doesn't matter which one goes on which foot.
Enjoy your skis
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There never ever really was a "left" or "right" ski.
There used to be a left and right toe piece for the bindings which then resulted in a left and right ski. Current binding technology allows for both toe pieces to work equally well in either direction so we no longer have a left and right "ski".
I can remember swapping toe pieces every year so my edges wore evenly. Now I try to be mindful about which ski is on my left foot in the morning and put that one on my right foot after lunch.
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Thanks a lot for getting back. I 'm gonna stick with the switch after lunch method.

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Stache, I believe there were skis once mounted that were designated L and R. Also there were some bindings that had tabs designating Left and Right. Might have been Atomic or Head. Can't remember. There were also graphics on the ski that matched a certain pattern when put side by side. Solomon maybe, the early force and S series. Also, many racing skis had deflector tips that only could be skied one way.
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Last year I questioned the "logic" when my kid racer got his bindings checked. The answer I got was this:

"The wear on the right boot is different from the wear on the left boot, we mount and test a ski with the right boot and set the release accordingly and hence, it becomes the right ski.

For me, an adult whose boots never or rarely ever are worn on anything but the snow or the carpet in the lodge, it's probably academic, but for the kids who are all over the place for ten hours in their boots it well may be a factor. I would avoid the shoveled walk between the ski school and the cafeteria and hoof it on the snow .... the kids don't.

I see people walking from their cars to the snow all the time in their boots (????), for them it would probably be a factor.

Greg (the fitter/owner) says that he has verified the difference and got varied DIN on the same ski between the right and left boots.

I just thought it was a gimick to get a shop sticker for some free ad space.
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If the skis are so wide that the bindings are offset, then there might be a right and a left. I think you wear them so the bindings are closer together (if that makes sense). I used a pair of Atomics like that in the late 90s, they were like water skis.
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I have to investigate this further but after lunch I tried to step into my ski and found the front of my boot did not set square in the toe peice. I kept looking at the sole of my boot, noting there. I look in the toe peice nothing. I tried a few times and then tried it in the other ski. Presto perfect fit.

Perhaps it's my boots, perhaps the tech in some way mounted the binding to fit my boots. IE left and right.

may not be a dumb question.

Lange Parafarinna boots, Look P10 binding.
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From a year ago thread:


Originally Posted by kiwiski
I definitely think you should keep the ski on your left foot to the left of the ski on your right foot. I tried it the other way round once when I was a kid but I kept falling over.
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