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Elan Eastern Race REP

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Does any one have the phone number and do you think they would sponsor me(I am 15 and would take a used pair of 03 slx's)?

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Your coach should help you with getting gear and talking to reps. Are you on a race team?
If you want to get sponsored you should be at 100 USSA points or less. That of course depends on your age. If you're in the top 5-10 in your age (regional) group you might get sponsored.

The requirements for some brands may be less than this. There may be a local rep at your ski area or in your town. A ski coach or instructor. That's who you would want to talk to.

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I don't see why a ski company won't sponsor you. You're 15, and that seems to be all anyone needs to know.

Seriously. Why would anyone sponsor you? Do you race and rank in the top 5 of your age in a certain region? DO you free ski and have had your photos published in major magazines? Do you compete in new school disciplines and have a ranking?

Manufacturers don't sponsor for the heck of it. It is a form of advertizing. The athlete will use his/her exposure to promote the product he/she is using. A true measure of success is standing on the podium of a high level ski competition, or gracing the cover of a well read magazine.
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