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Transportation to Alta via UTA

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Hi All,

We are traveling out to Alta in 2 weeks. I have a question. I have been unable to get in touch with anyone with the UTA bus system. This may
be a dumb question but do they provide service if the roads are restricted to chains and or 4wd only. We will only have a 2wd car. We planned on parking at the park and ride and riding up.


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yes they do
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In my experience - If the roads are open, the busses will run. I like to drive up but often take the bus if the roads are bad or snow is forecast for the day.
BTW - Alta received 12" last night and expects 2 to 3 additional feet today and tonight. It would be a good time to park and ride the bus.
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Gaprofitt, just a point you may not have considered: UTA is not on their winter schedule yet because of the lack of early snow. I was looking at their timetables the other day and it said something about the changeover to winter schedule being mid December this year, as opposed to mid November usually. HTH
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Another thought to consider. If the road is restricted to chains/4WD, that means it has been snowing, which means 50% of the population will call in sick with Ullr's revenge , which mens get to the park & ride very early if you want to park and not have your car towed. :
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