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G4 2003

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Have anyone seen the new 2003 model of Völkl G4? Any Pics? Anything changed since 2002 model?

Best Regards
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Same dimensions, same construction, pretty much same look (black and white) with a tip sleeve. And same lengths.
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Check this link! The G4 doesnt seem to look like this years mod. at all!! Its russian, but you can see the models names and pics! http://www.mamboo.ru/front/object.js...m1014058086925
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awright...who reads cryllic..............
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Auxcrinier:
awright...who reads cryllic..............<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Go to babel.altavista.com, type in the URL and choose 'translate from Russian to English'. Some of the translations are comical, but it can be useful.
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using BabelFish translator, describing 2002 G4:

Very wide skis for extreme frirayda and yueli-ski. Surrender Alaska!!! By super- of the skis, very tenacious on ice, easily they float and wonderfully they are governed/controlled in the virgin soil, are processed rather well unevennesses, some merits are shorter than, only here one " but " - they are almost useless on the usual slopes. To be rolled on them along the usual routes/courses nevertheless, what to drive on Yuammer'ye on the urban plugs. Element of these skis - complete impassable road, virgin soil, real, glaciers and the perpendicular slopes of Alaska.

There is no individual description of the 2003 G4, only a picture. Here's a general description of 2003 line:

Entrance. The yearly tests of skis, conducted by the company Of sportmaster for dilerov, become with each year ever more grandiose measure. This time the ski- test was conducted in the present mountains - in the red clearing, to the law court of community were put out 58 pairs of skis and 8 snoubordov, the total number of testers exceeded 60 people, each of whom attempted to obtain the maximum of impressions about the tested inventory. On the tests were present the representatives of the firms Volkl, which tried to answer all questions, which concern the new collection of skis.

Several words about the weather and snowy conditions. The state of snow because of the very warm weather was not best. Slopes were sufficiently soft, covered with the pasty grainy spring snow, under which by places was felt the base layer of nonrigid ice. The state of the prepared routes/courses was splendid from the morning, but to the middle of day in the individual sections of the otratrachennoy route/course appeared soft mounds. The upper part of the mountain, so called " 4-4 turn " was characterized by complete unpreparedness, large (to 50- TI of degrees) slope/transconductance and different sotoyaniyem of snow - wet virgin soil in the sun, or friable - into the shadow of northern slopes on the very to the top, the wet mounds in the lower part of the slope. Thus, conditions for testing of equipment were although not ideal, but sufficiently diverse.

Brief survey/coverage of collection. The structure of new collection differs somewhat from the last year's. Disappeared a series Of fun Of charver, appeared the new series Tshch0 super-sport, which in a certain measure substitutes a series Of fun Of charver. In a series of sport skis Pshch0 it became one ski more because of the appearance of a new slalom ski Pshch0 OF MF/SCCh Raching with completely radical geometry 111-63-99. In others a series also exists izmeniya, for example, are extended series Vertigo and V -Ski, while in a series Of charver disappeared model Vy, now instead of it it is proposed By v2 on the price Vy. Technologies and constructions/designs of skis also underwent number of changes. First of all it is necessary to note that the system of fastenings Of motion now stands almost on all models, furthermore appeared the new version of this system - Motion II, which is characterized by the absence of the system of rapid size control. Many models of skis now are proposed in the diverse variants of assembly - Motion 1200, Motion 1400, Motion 10, Motion 11, Motion 12 and only separate models can be purchased generally without the fastenings.

The constructions/designs of many models of lykh did not formally undergo substantial changes, but the behavior of skis changed very perceptibly, probably this it is possible to explain by the new combinations of the distribution of hardness and form of lateral cut. Appeared new kostruktsiya of the skis Of energy Of chontrol, which is characterized by the form of kepa and is adapted in the row of models for the amateurs and the experts. Visual design, as one would expect, strongly it changed, after preserving in this case a certain succession. The exterior view of some models became completely aggressive; however, others preserved the inherent of last year's collection " soft " design. Separate models are proposed in two different color solutions.

Vertigo G3: these skis and Vertigo Motion are absolutely analogous in the construction/design and the geometry (difference only in the coloring and the assembly by fastening). But, pomyatuya about the fact that the sight of catalog data of ski identical from the point very often have sufficiently different nature, 4 it decided to explain how these models they are characterized by. However, all my efforts were useless - differences found could not be. To some moment/torque me it seemed that G3 is somewhat more aggressive and energetic in perekantovke, but it is similar, that this was the self-deception, caused by more aggressive design. In any event these skis are also splendid, and as far as design is concerned, me it pleases itself more, but to the taste and the color...

Vertigo Motion: From the testers, for whom it was possible to test these skis earlier, 4 it already heard the mass of flattering opinions, but related to them somewhat skeptically, since the nature of previous Vertigo Motion to me seemed somewhat sluggish but all my doubts they were scattered on the first descent. Now my opinion is such - this of super-ski. They have almost sport stability in the cut arcs, energetically they pass from rotation to rotation, at the speed scarcely higher as average it becomes possible to pass rotations to the style of fankarvinga, in this case at any moment it is possible easily to pass to godil' with the discharge/break of heels. In the soft and that broken snow it is simply splendid, wonderfully they are governed/controlled on the steep/abrupt new slopes. these are the unusually universal skis, which make it possible aggressively and confidently to be rolled according to any types of slopes.
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Viking, I've only ever seen the same graphics on Volkl skis around the world (then again I've never skied Russia!), but some manufacturers change their graphics to suit the different tastes of people from different regions. All very confusing.


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Same dimensions (118-83-106), same construction, and same lengths. But different radius - 27 m for 188 sm in last season, and 22,9 m for 188 sm in next season.
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BabelFish again to the rescue:

Approximately three ago I looked svezhaysheye for those times video on friraydu. Immediately it rushed into the eyes - in any state of the snow of raydery are cut the arcs, practically without the unloading upward, by the continuous of karving, contemporary sport technology. Plus breakneck speeds and improbable stability in this case. Was for long studied video, it went into the mountains, but to repeat the same did not come out: (.

At the high speeds on the virgin soil, when skis simply do not float, but they go on the willow tit as along the route/course (I exaggerate), my skis they did not hold arc, there was no stability. It was necessary to be rolled as before - to jump out, to actively unload skis upward (recall Miller's films and jumping as the grasshoppers of skiers) and to be offended to itself for the absence of the abilities [img]smile.gif[/img]. Moreover to ask council was not in whom.

On the following year to me fell the film "Russian ekstrim." There was removed/taken Cyril Anisimov - one of best rayderov of Russia. Rolled himself he in the same technology and those fellows. On the whole, the victim for the questions was found [img]smile.gif[/img].

The first, what he said to me - to you were necessary other skis. After this, everything began... Versions there was much, but to try far from all it was possible. Rossignol thug KHKHKH, K2 AK Launcher, Volkl Vertigo G, Dynamic Optima, Volant Machete Huckster, Fischer Alltrak BigStik 84, etc.

My selection stopped to Volkl Vertigo G (118-83-106, 188) maximum length - 198, now a little I feel sorry, that it took 188, but not 198, on the basis of the principle - it is easy to 188, it will be more stably by 198 (my increase/growth - 175, weight - 73). Gya for raydera are good everywhere, the word of honor. Ease/lightness extraordinary, stability splendid - they export of all troubles. The beaten snow you do not note, skis go as along the rails. Sufficiently rigid/hard, to the heel are soft, that they will make it possible stably to land. They float magnificently, at the speed they give confidence. On the rigid/hard slope - not of what censures, stability on ice. But most important, I could be rolled as those fellows, well or almost so [img]smile.gif[/img].

In conclusion I will present several opinions of testers of the periodical Of skiing. "extraordinarily stable wide skis with the chromosomes of skis for the goblet of peace/world in the genes," "super- are responsive," "extract arcs from the rotation into the rotation in the manner that as if you will go on the rails," "punish lazy skiers." Successes out of the routes/courses, Fomichev Maxim.
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