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Discounts on Tecnica Boots?

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Hey all-
looking to get my 16yo son boots. He has wide flat feet like me...so I thought Tecnica would work and he tried on several pair...with just about all feeling good. What I did not like was the retail price it seems everyone is charging.
He is a low level skier (actually he is on ski blades for this year : )...and I think eventually will make the move to sticks...but for reasons only a teenager would understand...he wants to stay on these things.

So...I am looking to save us a few bucks by looking on-line for new boots. Does not have to be this years model. Any sites out there have discounted boot pricing? I have been going through e-bay for the past few weeks and not much has come up.

Or is there any other brand that has some volume to their boots? He has tried on Lange...Nordica...Salomon...lower end stuff...all way too tight. The Tecnica EntryX fit him real well.
Any help is appreciated!
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I guess it depends on what your defintion of discount is. This time of year when things are just kicking off its going to be hard to find any serious discounts off retail. REI and Backcountry outlet have some of last years models with deep discounts but I don't think they will be the brand/boots you are looking for. You might try to send a PM to dawgcatching and ask him what he has.

Also Salomon also has large volume boots...The XWave line in particular.

Also buying boots without checking the fit can be a potential disaster.
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Too tight in the liner or in the shell? The liner will pack out dramatically in lower-end boots. You need to concentrate on how his foot fits in the shell. If it is hitting the sides of the shell with the liner out, it may be too tight for an intermediate fit. You should have a maximum of 2 fingers behind the heel with the liner out, also.
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A local shop here in Pittsburgh, PA has a seperate store that they sell "last years" models...new skis, boots, etc. The name of the shop is Willi's Ski Shop and I think they call the clearance stores Ski Warehouse. I bought a pair of Tecnica boots there last year at 50% off. I don't know if they would be willing to ship to you. I would call and see if they have what your after and just ask them if they can ship it to you, or talk them into it. I don't know if I am allowed to post thier phone number on here, so, I'll see if I can PM the # to you. They usually have a good selection of boots and I heard they opened a second Ski Warehouse(which, I don't have the # for), so one of them may have what your looking for.
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Hi RichNYI just picked up a pair of 2003/04 new Tecnica Icon Alu Hotforms at Helm of Sun Valley( San Mateo, Ca. store ) for $390, or about half of original suggested retail ( anything from$735 to $800+) Check their web site,or ebay as I know they have specials listed on Atomic skis.probably boots as well.Good luck!
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thanks all...picked up a pair of new tecnica rival x5 boots for him...$90...fit very nice.
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