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Public Enemy

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Anyone tried the K2 Public Enemy? I was wondering how it compared with last years Enemy. Also for sizing for twin tips, should one go a little longer for all mountain skiing? My son is about 170cm height & 135 lbs and was looking at a twin tip like the PE as an all mtm board. 160cm or 170cm???? He's tried last years Enemy in a 163 and loved it.

The turned up tail takes about 5-7cm off the true running length of the ski. I'm not sure how K2 measures their ski lengths, whether they go by the actual running length or the total length.
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the public enemy is definitely one of the best all mountain twins, better than the old enemy in all areas. I don't know about the length, I might go with the 169. I Usually ski a 180 and the 169 didn't really look that short to me though.
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They measure actual length.

I hear nothing but good things about the ski.

I'd go with the 169 cm. I may pick up a pair myself soon, I really dig the graphic.
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Very good ski, really stable at 179. I might make it my cheap pow ski (they are much more affordable than the competition, namely most 80+mm waist "big mountain" skis as well as pocket rockets)
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I've been wanting to demo these from the shop where I work for since we got them. I should have a chance on saturday... I will leave you a detailed report. But if it skis a cool as its graphic I may have to buy a pair.

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anyone ski this puppy yet? would it be good as an all mtn ski as well for a lightweight (135 lbs)????
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