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Vail, Aspen or heavenly?

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In your opinion which one is the best? regarding : Ski, Snow, Town, Weather, Nightlife, Apre ski, Access?

Thank You
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Assuming normal conditions for the time of year you plan to go(?) its got to be Aspen and I've never even skied there. I have skied at the other two however and if it's one area you're looking for then it's Vail.
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I will go on Jan 06. Its a group of 10 people with every level of ski type among us. I ve been before to Aspen and vail but never to heavenly.
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If you're looking for one area to ski then it's Vail among those three. If you're looking to branch out and ski several areas(assuming normal conditions) then Tahoe is your best bet if you don't mind the drive/shuttle. Aspen does however have 4 different areas in VERY close proximity to each other with plenty of skiing for all abilities at the ready.
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I would give Aspen the nod over Vail.
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hands down
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Aspen, then Vail, then Tahoe. Aspen has a real town, a wide variety, excellent skiing for all levels (including a separate mountain for low-level skiers), and all the nightlife you'd want.

Vail is a huge area, self-contained base, and super skiing.

Heavenly never appealed to me. It's a big area, but doesn't seem to me to have a real personality. The views of the lake are outstanding, but gambling doesn't appeal to me, either, so the environs are not what I prefer. The rest of the resorts around the lake give a wide variety, but there is no way you can even consider comparing the snow between Tahoe and Colorado; Colorado wins, hands down.
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Aspen does have alot of apeal. Highlands will have their Deep Tremity lift soon and there is great Bowl skiing. Aspen Mountain has a great vibe to it as it comes right out of the center of town and Snowmass has a great variety of terrain when the snow is good.

But, Vail is great also. All three of their main lifts are from their main town. There is great bowl skiing and a great variety of terrain for all levels.
The night life is also great.

Don't forget that on the same lift ticket and 10 miles down the road, there is Beaver Creek. We have great steeps arguably more steeps then Vail. We also have a new lift opening in Larkspur Bowl and we have village to village skiing.

Just a few thoughts to offer

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Vail. Aspen or Heavenly

Both Vail and Aspen are great. Aspen is more of an actual town, while vail has slightly better skiing. Either way you cannot go wrong.

Some useful sites: vail area links site of Aspen ski co transfers in Aspen and Vail Airports

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..Then Vail.

...Heavenly doesn't belong on that list!

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Originally Posted by feallen

My vote! First time my wife and I skied Aspen/Snowmass I fell in love with the place. Besides the great choice of skiing, the one standout that first trip was Bob Marley's "Wailers" playing next door to where we stayed. (Hell of a hangover the next day!!!)
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With regard to snow the answer varies by time of year. Vail gets more snow but has more sunny exposure than Aspen. Thus Vail is best January or earlier when some of Aspen's steeps aren't adequately covered. Aspen is usually best in March/April due to superb snow preservation with higher percentage of north exposure. February is usually fine for either.
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Vail's been getting hit pretty good so far this year, so I'd definitely consider that. Its huge, snow quality is great and it has a variety of terrain that is almost unrivaled anywhere. Self contained base villiage has about everything you could think of, but doesn't have a "town" feel if thats what you're looking for. Aspen has 4 areas right near each other and an awesome town to boot. Be prepared to pay at both Vail and Aspen. Heavenly is a big mountain that usually gets tons of so-so snow (high moisture content). As someone else noted, there's not a whole lot of personality there, but its getting better. I'm headed to Vail with a stopover in Breck in early January and based on the snow reports thus far I'm feeling pretty good about the decision.
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I skied all three last year. If heavenly means just heavenly and not tahoe area then it is easily last on the list. Aspen had a better town and more fun, but you can't beat vail for terrain variety.
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