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New Skis-Tune

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When you purchase new skis do you have them tuned or waxed or do you just use them as is? Do they usually come out of the manufacturer shop tuned correctly?
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i wax them several times and do the edges w/ diamond stone.

waxing is mandatory i'd say. the base needs to be saturated with wax.
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3 new pairs for me and 2 for the wife. They have never been to a shop for wax or tune. Do it myself. I enjoy it and no regrets.
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Usually I will just ski new ones right out of the wrappers without even a wax. Factory tunes (at least on Head and Atomic, which are the only new skis I've had in recent years) are pretty good IMO, although that wasn't always the case.

Usually I'll give them a wax after a day or two (I try to keep mine with fresh wax after every day on snow, two at most, and do the edges as needed), but I haven't had any reason to think that they need a wax right out of the wrapper, the performance seems to be just as good out of th epackage as after a fresh wax.
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WAX, leave the edges alone until after you ski them. After a day on the slopes you should touch them up anyway.
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Originally Posted by Atomicman
WAX, leave the edges alone until after you ski them. After a day on the slopes you should touch them up anyway.
I agree completely.

Waxing is really important with a new pair of skis. Re-waxing every time you use them for the first few outings is a great policy.

A tune usually isn't necessary. If you're getting them waxed at a good shop, the tech should be able to do a quick check with a true bar to make sure the bases are flat - other than that, I wouldn't work on the edges until you have a few days on them.

Aren't new skis FUN?
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Wax, but not sharpen. The exception was my Kästles that came with a sticky backing that had to be peeled off the bottoms with instructions that they had been specially prepared at the factory and were ready to ski. I don't know if it was a gimmick or not, but the tune was certainly good. Fastest skis I've ever tried.

Of course if the edges were not razor sharp (enough to accidently cut fingers/hands doing torsion flex test) on my new, skis I would sharpen them too. I like sharp skis. It gets icy here.
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Always wax new skis. Usually do a couple of layers of soft wax (scrape while still warm), then go to the wax-of-the-day. I'll check the edges and use a stone if I think it's necessary.
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