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Ski opinions

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Hello Everyone,

I have read som reviews on skis and gone to a few shops told them my skiing style and background and got a wide variety of ski reccomendations. Just wondering if I could get some more advice from you all.

I grew up skiing in New England, every weekend and school vacation (from age 3-17). I was on a racing team for 12 years and 4 years i did freestyle and racing. I enjoy skiing a wide variety of terrain from groomers to woods, bumps, basically anything and everything. I am 5'4" and weigh approx 140lbs 26 yrs old. Given my background i am a rather aggresive skier.

I am looking for a great overall ski that will hold at high speeds on icy conditions and also be able to go in the bumps or switch to some quick slalom turns. Last year i demoed the Head monster 75s in a 163 length and like them a lot. I was not ready to buy last year but i am this year. The skis that have been recommended to me are:

Atomic M10
Atomic M11

Rossi Zenith Z9
Rossi B2

Head Monster 77
Head Monster 72

K2 Apache

I heard from one place that the M11 are harder to turn and require more effort than the M10 but are just as good all around. I read some reviews and saw that the Monster 72s some are considering all around ski of the year. Im trying to narrow down my demo options and get a great ski. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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With your background and experience you should try Fischer WC SC for short turns, and Atomic SX11 or SXb5 for everything else on the groomed if your skiing east. I would also consider an i. M72, as it might do better off piste than the above.

I'll let someone else advise you about West. My guess is they will say Nordica Top Fuel or Atomic B5 Metron.

It sounds like their recs were based more on what they had in the backroom than what you told them.
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For a Head feel, the Supershape. For an Atomic, definitely the M:b5 (yes, even in the east). The Fischer WC SC would also be a great choice as Ghost mentioned. TheNordica Hot Rod Top Fuel would be worth trying, as well, as would the Modified.
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You've mentioned some very fine skis but some of the brands have a much different feel than others.
If you are not familiar with the "feel" of some of these brands I'd DEMO, DEMO, DEMO. Enjoy and good luck.
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hey zapp,

i used to have the same problem than you do right now. i used to ride the atomic beta ride 10.20, which really was a great ski for everything.

then i started looking for the same kind of ski. i demoed a lot of skis, but came to the conclusion, that you have to have different skis for different conditions.

so i bought the head XRC 1100 sw, which is perfect for hard and icey conditions almost racelike.

but then skiing in powder or bumps, it was not that good, eventhough you can still ski. so i bought the rossignol b2, which i really love, but it is a very soft ski and not that much fun when the slope is hard. but again, you can still ski.

then i wanted to make shorter carved turns, but my head and my b2 have a radius of 16.7 and 20 meters. so now i am going to get a slalom ski too...hehe.
and i also tried the nordica hot rod top fuel this year, which is a great ski and i really liked it. it is perfect if you wanna carve on slopes, that are not in really good conditons. i kind of want to buy it too.

i also tried the head monster 77, which is also pretty good.

if i would only be able to buy one ski, i would probably go with the head monster 77 or the nordica hrtp. the rossignols are probably to soft for your style of skiing.

well, but like all the others said, demo the skis if you have the possibility.

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