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SLC-XMAS What if ...???

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Planning on trip to the Salt Lake area during the holidays...Although it may finally start accumulating some snow in the next several weeks, I am wondering; if snow cover is slim, what are the best areas where snowmaking can compensate. I know its been pretty cold by Salt Lake standards.
The group I will be with skis mostly Blues.
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What is cold by SLC standards? SLC can be pretty cold too in the Winter (average of ~30 for daytime highs). You do also realize that the resorts are 10 - 15 degrees colder than SL, don't you?

The Park City resorts all have the most SM, as they need it to start slow seasons. They have anywhere from 300 - 800 acres coverage.

You are checking the forecasts, no? A good sized storm is due in Saturday, which if forecast correctly, will be all that is needed to get things really started.

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As Powder said temps in The mountains will normally be 10 to 15 degrees cooler then what is reported in the Salt lake City Valley. It can be raining in Salt lake and The resorts will be getting snow. PCMR and Snow Basin have the most snow making.
Computer charts are looking very good for a major front to push in later today(Friday) and into Sunday. Then another strom due in Tuesdayand more fronts are further out in the Pacific.
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