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I'm planning to visit Mammoth in Feb. However, as I'm from London I have no idea about accomodation there or how to book it.

Can anyone recommend any good places to stay? Preferably somewhere cheap and fun.
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need more details on party size, importance of a kitchen, rental car, length of stay, etc.
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Two blokes. Driving from LA to Mammoth (no need for car rental). Staying for six nights. No need for kitchen. Just a place to stay, preferably near the slopes and near a good bar.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. As would any other tips about skiing in Mammoth.

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OK, popular bars seem to be the Yodler (at main lodge), Dublin's (at the village), and Clocktower (very close to the Village).

If $130 ($155 for fri and sat nite) isn't too much, the Alpenhof Lodge is a good choice, as the Clocktower is located in it's cellar, and the Village is almost right across the street. You can access the mountain with the Village gondola if you stay here. This location would be best if you are going to be partying.

Also you can stay at the Mammoth Mtn Inn (at the main lodge) for about $110-150 per person per person including lift tickets. This will cost slightly less than the Alpenhof because it includes the tickets. The disadvantage is that there is not much options for eating unless you drive 4.5 miles down a winding road that can be somewhat treacherous at night. But at least you are right at the lifts.

If that's too much, the best cheap motel is the Motel 6, it's about $70 to $80. And that's about as cheap as Mammoth gets for 2 people. You will have to drive to the mountain, I recommend starting at Little Eagle on a snowy day because you can usually get there without chains. Try to avoid parking at Canyon Lodge or Main lodge unless you get there early.
BTW, the free bus system isn't very good, especially on weekends. Don't bother with it.

Hopefully you aren't going to be there Feb 18-20. That's a national holiday and one of the busiest and most expensive weekends of the year. It may already be too late to book lodging for those dates. I can find some other options if those ARE your dates.

As far as skiing goes, if you ski off piste, 90+ mm waist skis are very popular here. You can rent them at any shop here. Without giving away any secrets, I will say that you can access very challenging terrain from almost every lift. Nice to know on days when upper lifts are on weather hold. Just make sure that you aren't going into any areas the ski patrol has closed.

And make sure you slow way down through the small towns on the drive to and back, the police are very happy to give you a speeding ticket if you don't.



http://www.motel6.com/reservations/motel_detail.asp?MotelId=0276&NOA=&aYr=&aMo=&aDa=& dYr=&dMo=&dDa=&BTR=M6ProximityResults.aspx?searcht ype=AD&CP=&TA=&redi=
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What's the easiest route, for an east-coaster, to fly in & drive to Mammoth?
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Fly to Reno, then drive south on 395. I've heard that it can be bad in a storm, however. It's a 2.5- 4 hour drive, depending on conditions.
You could fly into LA, but the traffic out of there can be really bad, and add over an hour to an already long (5 hour) and (for most people) boring drive.
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Miles, thanks for the info. We were planning to go those dates but we're flexible. Can always go the week before.

One more Q - We also have the option of flying to Colorado (Beaver Creek) because we can get free accomodation there. Any idea which is better - Mammoth or Beaver Creek?
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How could I get a Mammoth ski ticket discount coupon? I have a meeting in Los Angeles 12/14 and was thinking of heading up and skiing for 2 days afterward.

I guess more than anything right now that will determine if I do this is if conditions improve in the next couple of weeks and they can get some serious snow.

I didn't mind the drive up from LA. I had never done it before and driving through the desert and the mountains to the left was really great scenery. Coming back to LAX airport I can do with out on a Friday night. I think the last 30 miles took half as long as it did to get up to Mammoth.

I'm using Ontario Airport from here on out. I'm too much of a "farmer" to navigate the San Diego thruway and LAX.
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pm me your address, i'll mail one to you.
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Originally Posted by MilesB
pm me your address, i'll mail one to you.
Hi MilesB, I could also use the discounted lift tkts for Mammoth, we'll be there 1/5-10. Pls tell me how to get these!

We'll be staying at the Quality Inn on Main St., the free bus system okay from there to Village?

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Originally Posted by Cuts
Miles, thanks for the info. We were planning to go those dates but we're flexible. Can always go the week before.

One more Q - We also have the option of flying to Colorado (Beaver Creek) because we can get free accomodation there. Any idea which is better - Mammoth or Beaver Creek?
Mammoth vs BC: very different vibes. M is larger than BC and is renowned for a younger and more hard-core clientele. It is something of a southern Cal super-weekend area. BC is a very upscale ski-week destination with slant towards older/family clientele. Free lodging there is quite a cost cutting coup. It is just a few miles from Vail and that combination would provide more terrain than M alone. Nearby Vail village is one of America's largest and most complete ski towns (also one of the costliest).

Both M and BC/V are worthy ski destinations with plenty of all types of terrain to explore for a week. Your age and specific ski and nonski interests may determine which you'd prefer. If great expanses of intermediate ski terrain and numerous upscale dining, bar and nightlife options are a priority, then BC/V probably wins over Mammoth. If you want to test your mettle on extreme terrain surrounded by a lot of extreme skiers then M probably wins over BC/V.

The warning about the President's Holiday Weekend (third Monday in Feb) is a good one. It is a national holiday bringing out big crowds at the height of ski season across the entire US. Since BC draws ski weekers rather than weekend warriors it may be a little less crowded then M at that time.
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If you go to Mammoth, I would recommend that you take advantage of the free mountain tour conducted daily at 10 am to about 12:30 by the Ski Hosts. Its a big mountain and it has unique conditions that can vary widely depending upon where you are on the mountain. The hosts will help you to know the mountain like an insider!
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Gpaul, the shuttle should be fine that week, it's usually not at all crowded then. Mammoth sends those discount cards out to all season pass holders 2 or 3 times during the season. Pm me with an address, I'll see if I have another one.
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