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Remonting bindings on G41

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My prloblem is that i bought the G41 with Tyrolia Cyber D8 mounted 6-7mm to far front, is it possible to adjust that? I have a second option to mout my Salomon S900 Alu binding insted, but i am afraid that will affect the ski bad due to the extra drilling,am i wright? Then the brakes on Salomon is too narrow to fit Volkl G41. Any suggestions? Please help me! (even if it is in the summer....)

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Redrilling isn't that bad to a ski...you can usually remount about 2-3 times depending on the skis...also as long as the holes aren't too close together...your ski tech should know this. Also, for the S900, salomon should sell the dragon wide brake for it...~$20 i'm guessing...since the sallie bindnigs (except for the pulse bindings) have a removeable brake on them. Hope this helps.

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Why do you think the binding is mounted too far forward?

If you requested a "race position" a shop might do this though they usually try to talk you out of it.

If the shop did it by accident they may owe you a new pair of skis!
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I bought this ski from a guy that have used it for one week, the problem is when i use my boot the mark on the boot and the ski missmatch 7mm to long forward.

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See a professional ski shop about this one. Remountings can be tricky especially if you change binding manufacturers.
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i work in a shop durring the winter so I have a clue on this one.
Remounting skis 2 maybe 3 times is ok and should not affect the skis preformance, this is as long as the holes are at least 2.5mm apart from each other, and the old holes plugged. But remounting skis typically voids the warranty.
Being too far forward on the ski will only cause the ski to become a bit less stable when you hit higher speeds, under "normal" skiing you will have a bit more manuverability.
As for just adjusting them sorry no can do, and about the brakes, yes you can get wider brakes typically have to order them, the "Dragon" brakes are wider but are made by marker.
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