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best mogul & tree line skis

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Advice please: Love to ski moguls and along the tree line in ungroomed, deep snow. Steep is good. Can't stand being on anything groomed. Live in Northern Idaho where we have light snow, big mountains. I'm an expert skier...not wild/airborn....just very smooth and aggressive on the bumps & powdery snow. My favorite skiing is when it's dumping new snow and piling up fast. I never spring ski because I like it cold and light. Have an old pair of straight Dynastar Verticals, 190 in length. They have been outstanding but are beat. I bought a pair of Head Cyber X20s a few years ago (180 in length). Don't like them at all. Need to find a new ski that will get me jazzed again. I'm a 6'-1", 180 lbs, 45 year old guy. Thought I'd demo some skis this winter. I'm old school and I don't really know what to look for in the ski shop. I've read a little about "free ride" style skis. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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Hi! There's probably only 20-30 different ski's (counting the model years, since, say 2002-03) that may suit you.

I would advise any top level ski with a 70+ waist. Don't go too fat (ie. 85)or you'll lose the quickness you need in the moguls. Personally I would go 170-180.
Furthermore don't discount a pair of twin tips (where the rear end is raised so you can ski backwards), they make good tree and mogul ski's as long as they're not too soft.

As I'm a bit of a bargain hunter, I would check out Ebay, find some bargains and then ask direct reviews from the guys on this forum, or look for them using the search function. There's tons of info on this site.

A lot of the guys here will advise you to get Atomic Metrons. Personally I doubt whether they make nimble mogul ski's. They seem to have a very strong following in the States, whereas over here in Europe we're not that impressed.

Dynastar also still make excellent ski's like the 4800:

http://cgi.ebay.com/BRAND-NEW-Dynastar-Legend-4800-172cm-skis-NO-RESERVE_W0QQitemZ8728593517QQcategoryZ26349QQssPag eNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Good luck!
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A couple to think about it: Dynastar 8000 and Elan m666. Both good in bumps, both quick in fall line, both excel in softer snow. If you like smooth, you'll probably prefer the 666. The 8000s are really nimble and light, though, and are very maneuverable in tight spots.

Edit: Though haven't tried them, the Rossignol B1 (last year's model) could be a good fit also.
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8000s and 666s previously mentioned are both great options. i found the 8000 to be more nimble. i have the 8000s and love it in the trees. not ideal for the bumps, a little to wide in the tip and tail measurements which has be occasionally banging my tips together when bumping. but you won't find an ideal ski that does both exceptionally well and the 8000 is a good compromise if you really enjoy the trees.
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Thanks for the tips! Very helpful. Best wishes for a great ski season.
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I can't imagine most Atomics would ski well in the bumps, but I don't know much about their current line.

Rossi B2s are incredible in bumps & trees though.
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