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Has anyone skied....?

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I'm trying to refine my shortlist according to what's available and suitable for Alpine skiing.

Has anyone skied the Rossi Zenith 9 and/or Head Wild Thang who could give me a bit of a heads-up on them?

Also with the Voelkl (Attiva) 5* - it seems to be a much more piste-biased ski, but how well does it actually perform in, say, up to a foot of powder?

Are these likely to be too much ski for me, am I being too ambitious? I'm a 5'6" 67 kg woman, cautious control freak with the technique to ski anything on piste, looking to start exploring some off-piste this year (but not over about mid-shin level)

Ghost - any progress with your daughter's skis?

Oh and we woke up to our first snow this morning - yippee!!!!

Thanks in advance
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Hi eng, nice to see some more europeans here at epic. Sorry I cannot directly help you with the Q you have posted. First let me tell you that I have an endorsment commitment to Head so Im a bit biased and second I have never skied on the Thang skis but I can tell you what Ive heared and by looking at the specifications. Somebody raved about the hot thang and if you look at the ski dimensions you will notise that the fast and hot have a narrow waist and a short turning radius. This makes them easier to turn on groomed slopes and better suited for carving while the wild is 72mm under foot and better suited to float in offpiste conditions. On groomed slopes the wild will still be nice to carve on but the radius will be much bigger than on the hot and fast. The cool and fine are then more neutral and probably made for entry level and careless skiing. I wold be looking at the wild and the hot because if you consider the fast you have lots of options from other Head skis in the racing department. I myself allways prefare to ski on sandwich skis and I warmly reccomend those to everybody I know, like the i.XRC 1200 SW CP 13.
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Hello TDK, thanks for the kind words.

Maybe I should clarify - I was just trying to be quick above - I'm currently on Crossmax 8s, 68/69mm waist. They do OK in what little off-piste I've done (the apartment we stay in when in Courchevel is ski-in providing you can handle a bit of easy off-piste), but I feel their edge grip leaves something to be desired on ice, and they're unstable at speed which I feel could be holding me back.

So I guess the question boils down to:
1) do I replace the Crossmax with something similar e.g. 5* or Burnin' Luv? And if so will it handle my planned gentle forays off-piste? Because if I enjoy the off-piste stuff I'm going to want to do more
2) do I go for a more all mountain ski with say 72/73mm waist (which is where the availability problem lies) e.g. Wild Thang, Fischer AMC 73?
3) do I go for a hybrid e.g. Zenith 9?
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Hi eng, I envy you for being able to ski in courchevel. Was there for 10 days in 81 and we had perfect conditions. Snowfall at night and sunshine and clear blue skies during the day. Thumbs up for your choise of ski area

From what I can read in your opening post and your choise of ski area you are a very good skier. Im an instructor myselfe and the best results I usually got from women that fit your description. In your own words you are a causius controll freak but that is a very good platform to work out of when it comes to off pist skiing. As long as we ski off pist the traditional way not floating on top with phat skis @ 80km/h we need to be able to sink into the snow and use the same turning technique as we use on groomers to controll our speed. Take note, this is not really a matter of equipment, more a technique issue. In your second post you say it yourselfe, the problems you list are pist related and not off-pist related. For off pist you need basic overcut 170-175cm GS skis or the Monster i.M 72 SUPER RAILFLEX II. Or the wild thang you mentioned earlier.

Your Q
1) You will be able to handle off pist with whatever equipment you feel comfortable on pist provided its not a short slalom carver.
2) see 1
3) see 1
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Well, just to make you more green, we do 2 separate weeks in Courchevel, then weekends in the Swiss alps

So what you're saying is if my technique is good enough, any of my shortlist would do the trick?

Thanks for saying I sound like a good skier. I don't think so myself, but maybe the fact I know how much I don't know suggests I'm on the way. Mr Eng and I share private lessons when in Courchevel (we started skiing at the same time so same level) and the British instructors have said on more than one occasion that our technique is some of the best on the mountain, which I think is probably flattering, but I won't consider myself a very good skier until I can ski anywhere I want to without turning a hair
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TDK, another question for you as a Head specialist, if I may (or anyone else with some insights).... One shop here can offer me the Fast Thang to demo, but not the Wild Thang (they'll sell it but not demo, only place I've found so far that has them at all). I presume there's no point demo-ing the Fast since it's a different animal entirely and hence I won't be able to perceive a Head 'flavour' and the Wild is likely to perform very differently anyway being a different category of ski?
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The Wild Thang is essentially the women's versiion of the i.M72.
The Fast Thang is their top of the line narrow carving slalom ski for women. Not the same beast, but still worth a demo; it depends on what you would be skiing instead of the Fast Thang. "Flavours" do tend to carry over, if not exactly performance.

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I will say that the Z9 is a very nice overall ski, handling all conditions equally well. It does not shine in any particular condition, but is calm, controllable, and predictable in all conditions.
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Ghost, I would only demo the Fast Thang to see if I could get the flavour of Head if I can't lay my hands on a Wild Thang to try. I'm not really looking at a slalom ski. At the moment, based on what I can buy easily and what has fewest "love it or hate it" reviews, I'm inclining towards either the Wild Thang if it performs sufficiently well on ice, or the Attiva 5* if it performs sufficiently well in a foot of powder. But I need to contact more shops and try and find one that has both (so far I can find either, but not both in the same place). So far the widest choice seems to be in Courchevel, but then still no Attiva 5 (they have the 4), but I don't really want to wait another 2 months before trying them out
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