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Jasper Bears !

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Opening day at Marmot Basin November 25th.

Any Epic bears going?

I expect we will be up top most of the day but don't be shy to yell EPIC !

Lunch time easy to find us. Silver GMC truck 4th level parking lot as close to the hill as you can get.
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wish i could join you ,, have a blast,, and let us know about the conditions,,,

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too bad, I would have liked to return the tour guide favour. I'm not expecting much, but a bad day skiing is better than a good day at work.
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Unfortunately it looks like I'll have to wait till mid-January to make my annual trip up to Marmot. Make sure you do the snow dance and implore Uller to cover the basin with four feet of powder before then, eh.

P.S. It sounds like you'll mostly be on the Chalet slope based on the radio report I heard today. Make sure you give us a full TR.
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Environment Canada's Official Weather Warnings

Jasper National Park
3:26 PM MST Friday 25 November 2005
Heavy snowfall warning for
Jasper National Park continued

Snowfall amounts near 15 cm are forecast for these areas.

A vigorous disturbance is tracking northward across southern British Columbia this afternoon. An area of snow associated with this system will begin to affect the Jasper National Park area this evening and the Nordegg area overnight. This snow will be heavy at times tonight and Saturday with accumulations reaching 15 cm in some areas.

The area of snow will spread southeastward into regions just northwest of Calgary and the city itself on Saturday. Snow will begin in the morning and accumulations of 5 to 10 cm are forecast before the snow starts to taper off late in the day.
hope you guys are staying for the weekend,, i think i will head to the lake and watch the race tomorrow,,
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Burned! nope one day event. bummer, well not really at least we could see the sections that didn't have snow and they were many and frequent.

the good side, it was powder, at one time.

The bad part, it's all melted and turned to hard snow or exposed mother nature underneath.
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As much as it kills me to give a poor snow report for my beloved Marmot Basin the truth is what the truth is.

For positive points, the snow has had chance to fall, be melted, be cat tracked / groomed and then melt and settle some more. For Marmot this is a good thing this should keep all the little rocks from getting churned up throughout the season. This will also prove to be beneficial in the powder stash area's once more snow comes by giving a good solid base to bite into rather than the ground.

The bottom half of the hill is dodge it city. Lots of bare spots, lots of brown snow. They need another 40 cm to make it skiable proper.

The triple chair was hurtin', the front face was closed under and to the skiers left. The face to skiers right on the skiers right of the Tbar was sort of okay, you could pick your way through with the occasional hop over or emergency turn. We did two runs here and bailed out to the Eagles East Chair where the sun doesn't shine.

Eagles east has suprising good coverage, I think Marmot Staff worked very hard in this area to give something to ski, knowing the Triple face gets too much sun. It was for the most part covered on the two runs they had open. It held up nicely and after Friday nights 7 - 15 cm it's likely a hoot right now (Damn my one day trips)

We stayed on the runs, as we know whats underneath is barely 1 foot away with nasty base gougers just waiting.

Marmot needs a few good snow falls to get them skiable, I think with this and the type of weather and snow fall it will give a nice rock holding base and begin to be another great Jasper Alberta skiing year.

Would I go back? Not until they get another 40 - 80 cm.
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We feel your pain!

Thanks for the thorough report. I guess I will have to wait for January and hope that we get a few more heavy snows before I truck on up the 93. (Actually I'll truck along the 16 and then hopefully come back on 93.)
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thanks I guess I won't drive up from banff for a day trip ....
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