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leaky Langes

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My new Lange Comp 120s (with custom footbeds) leak and my toes are soaked at the end of the day. Doesn't seem right. Is this a common problem and can anything be done about it?
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Do they leak or are you sweating alot?

I never thought that my feet sweat that much until I got my boots that are see through and I can see the moisture build up between the liner and shell.

Do you dry the boots with a boot dryer after each ski day?
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duct tape on top of the front part where the split ends. My friend does it and has no problems.
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Langes are still notoriously poor for this. I've used duct-tape also as someone already suggested and a bead of silicone along the front split in the boot
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Interestingly, an alternative that I like (although you might think it looks geeky) is using boot gloves. For an explanation of why this might fix the issue, check out this from their site:

Example of moisture build up in ski boots.
When ski boots get wet, many people suspect that their equpiment has sprung a leak. This is highly unlikely given the quality of boots manufactured today. What's more likely is that the moister us coming form inside the boot. Of all parts of your body, your feet have the highest number of sweat glands per square inch. Moisture is absorbed by the insulating material before moving in vapor form toward the shell of the boot. As vapor approaches the shell it meets cold temperatures and condenses. Over time the buildup in moisture reduces the boot's ability to insulate the foot, diminishing body temperature 25 times faster than air.
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Just around the toes is probably a leak and I see a lot of the folks around the race program with a strip of duct tape across the toe of their Langes. To date, knock on wood, my old L-10's haven't developed that problem yet.

Silicon will probably split since you have to really spread those boots to get them on. I'd wrap a few feet of duct tape around a pen or old chapstick tube (to keep the bulk down) and keep it in my pack for touch up.
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Last season, I saw that almost every instructor wearing Langes at Mont-ste-anne had duct tape across the rubber dam.

Has Lange addressed this?
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Its definitely a leak - toes get soaked, rest of the foot is dry. While duct tape is one of my favorite ski fashion accessories, putting it on my new $500 boots is a bummer. Can't use a boot glove - these are Langes and I have to unbuckle them every run.

True story - I'm in a ski shop and a guy comes in for boots. He says: "I hate Langes. They're cold, they leak, they hurt. Give me another pair."

They did serve me well on Upper Cirque last week.
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Do you have a footbed? My feet hurt till I got the beds. A spot of tape is a small price to pay for a tight responsive boot.

The $79 dollar beds were ok but my new GMO beds are much better and I don't have to crack in as tight. The cheaper beds were slightly rounded and I had to over tighten. The GMO's are flat and don't roll with lateral pressure so I'm a bit looser with just as much control.
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