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Storing Skis During the Off-Season

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What is the best way to store skis during the off-season? Volkl offers the following advice on their web site but is there anything else I should consider?

"Have your skis well waxed, and do not in any event remove the wax layer, because this will protect the undersides of the skis from drying out and the edges from rusting.
Simply place the skis vertically against a wall. (It is not necessary to attach them together. Please do not place the undersides against a rough wall).
Turn the Z-value (DIN value) of the bindings to the absolute minimum to relax the spring. (Important: at the beginning of the next season it is essential to have the binding adjusted by a specialist).
The bindings should be lightly sprayed with a lubricating spray (to protect them from rust and corrosion)."

There is nothing in the owner's manual that came with my Look bindings about relaxing the spring or lubricating the bindings.
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That advice from the Volkl site is sound. If you do a search, you'll find the same advice from many on this site. If you don't want to pay for binding check at the beginning of next season, write you DIN setting down on a piece of masking tape and put it on your skis. Then, before you go skiing next season, just dial up the DIN on your bindings. Also, keep the skis in a dry place.
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Actually, if they have been good to you, (let you stay on your feet with less than perfect technique---not popping a ligament.. so on) a bubble bath and a soft fluffy bed is standard.
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I have a wall in my room at home designated for ski storage in the off season. After i ski on them for the last time i rewax them with a very warm weather hydorcarbon or LF wax. this thick coat of wax does a great job of keeping the edges from rusting and keeps the bases from dying out. Also if youre transporting the skis or if they are in a place where something could hit them or get ont he the wax will protect the bases and edges from knicks and dust or dirt. I keep them all lined up against the wall in my room, out in the open so they arent in a place that is damp. Also being able to see them every day makes me long for ski season again, as well as notice if they are for some reason starting to rust because it is too humid. If you have a relatively low din setting i would just leave them, but if youre around a 9 or 10 or higher deffinitly turn them down a little. A shop will usually re-adjust them for free in 5 minutes anyways. Being able to see your skis also makes you wonder if they ever get lonely and if they might want new friends, so you can always add to the collection so they dont get bored being by the same skis all summer [img]tongue.gif[/img] . I'm currently looking for another GS ski and a wider freeride ski to keep the others company.
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Yes that's the right advice. Use the warmest wax you have, or a base prep wax. In the Swix line of waxes, that means goof candidates would be CH-10, CH-8, and BP-88. I use the latter. My skis are in my garage, and I put them in a ski bag to protect them, along the wall.

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Put skis Away????

Store skis?????

Mine (both quivers) stand in the living room,on the designated wall next to the front door, so that they can be lovingly stroked when passed, or in case a freak snowstorm drops 12 feet of snow in the middle of july.

(hey, I can dream, cant I?)
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