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That's a great site, very useful.  Found a resurfacing specialist here in the bay area that I am going to schedule an appointment with.  


Many thanks.  /RW 

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Jump on the forum at SH and tell folks where you are and solicit input on local docs.
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I am new here and want to say thanks to everybody. I am 58 and just got injection in left hip. I have to wait a few weeks to see ortho again, but pain relief seems to be what they wanted to know for the final diagnosis. He didn't need to do an MRI as the xtay and my story suggested a replacement. I'm lucky to be in Steamboat and this ortho was into racing and bull riding and is seriously outdoor active. I don't have a right ACL and when it happened 35 years ago I didn't like what I heard and got second opinion from the Broncos ortho. Less than 5% chance of reconstruction holding up at all. After a year and rehab I had the singular worst experience on skis possible so I gave it up for my other 999,999 activities. This year coming here, hearing of all the new capabilities for fixing old injuries I started checking. Opedix support tights to the rescue. I had custom fit boots by the time the Opedix arrived and went skiing. So great was my experience that I went back to ticket sales and traded day pass for season pass. I gave up to get tax prep don and lost the last 3 weeks of season. Turned at work to walk 90° to my right and felt a twinge in my left hip. Here I am reading every word here and researching what I'm up against. Ortho is extremely positive as is my PT. But I'm over analytic and a little worried about keeping my job HERE my top of the list place to retire. Law mandates my employer saves a job for me, but it is a multinational owned by a multi national. This job in paradise will go for another year and allow me to look for real estate. Positively optimistic, yet a little scared and wondering about timing. Thanks again for a wonderful pile of testimonial and information
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Just got the word that I may need a hip replacement, and have just started researching life after surgery if PT doesn't dramatically help me first.  As I'm an active skier, and still young-ish, this was a big concern.  The funny thing is that while the deep snow was too much for my bad hip on a recent ski trip, high speeds, steeps and even bumps were ok for me. I couldn't walk worth a damn afterwards for a couple days, but on the skis I was mostly fine.


Very glad to see that hip replacement isn't a death sentence for an active outdoor lifestyle.

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