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Setup/tune for 10.20's

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Just bought my atomic 10.20's and will ski at least once on the factory setup. I assume that some of the atomic users on the forum have a favorite tune for these skis. I ski in the east and one week out west. I believe the factory is 1*bottom and 3* edge. Any thoughts?
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In my past exp. w/Atomic I would say they are one of the few that pay attention to factory tune. I ski them right out of the box, w/a little wax. Then detune if you need.
Betaracer would know technical aspect of Atomic.
All I know is that they rip right out of the box.
I usually retune w/ 1* edge bevel.

Sail and Ski!
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Check out this thread I thiink it will answer all your questions.

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Yup, 1 base, 3 side. That's what I use. It works for the varying snow types found throughout the southwest (of Canada). Other than an ironed on re-wax, the ski needs no other tune. If you use a trueing bar, don't be alarmed if the base seems concave. With very little pressure, the ski becomes flat, which is what happens when you ski.

If you ever have the ski put onto a machine for a re-tune, make sure that the edges are hand finished and then polished with a diamond stone. Best is to find a shop that has a Wintersteiger Ceramic Edge Finisher. It is basically the same machine that is used at the factory, but not quite as big.
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Ditto to Betaracer's reply. Seems there's been alot of questions this season abuot Atomics tunes, and yep, 1 & 3 is the rule. They recommend it out of the box and it works. Trust me, been there, messed with it. Stick with factory. Atomics just rip, NIKKI
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Hand tune question...

If the tip and tail are a little concave- do you need to make any adjustments with a base of side edge guide for touch ups? Really- is the bevel relative the the base close to the edge, or relative to the other edge? (my tools don't span the ski width- have a glide plate an inch or two from the edge)


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