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Anyone out there ski these skis?? If so how are they, especially compared to Atomics, Heads, Fischers and Rossis. (their array of technology looks quite impressive, titanium edges!, their carving skis have rails ala Volkl)
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They certainly do look interesting. I posted the very same question here ( a month or so ago) as well as on a bunch of other forums and couldn't find a single person with personal experience on them.

According to a shop in SLC that I called, they haven't arrived in the country yet. I asked the guy if he knew anything about them, and the only thing that he knew was that they were supposed to be stiff. I asked "softer or stiffer than a g4", but he didn't know the answer.

Several other shops told me that they had decided not to handle Blizzard because of the change in the distributor.

It sounds like Blizzard only brought a few Titans over last season for the ski "tests", so its going to be pretty hard to find somebody who has actually skied them.

Tom / PM
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Our SSD is a RM examiner and had a pair late last year. He was really impressed.He says they will be a very "hot" ski and felt they were along the lines of a 9.16 in performance and quality.
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Rusty - with a 120mm shovel and an 82mm waist they had better not perform like a 9.16, sure we're talking about the same model?

I'm not sure if its worth anything but the Skiing Mag test said they (FR Titans) were VERY damp, and lightweight yet very stable. It also recommmended it only for hard charging experts. That said, it is only skiing mag...
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No sorry! He had their short super slalom. It was a much narrower ski.
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