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So how short is too short?

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Things are really becoming short as to ski lenghts. Even Volant is shortening their product line. Next years Chubbs, eg.,will all be 2 cm. shorter at 168,178,188 cm. This is do strickly to the use of different materials and construction, with no change in shape dimensions. A long ski is now 188 cm. Remember it wasn't so long ago that there some people on pencil shapes skiing 205's 207's and 210's and beyond.

Somewhere between the Midget 120 skis, and 180 cm is going to be the ideal length. May be it's 150 cm for the average skier, a length that is very easy to handle ? This could really put a lot of fun back into skiing and accelerate the learning curve.

Shorter skis with no loss of speed, performance or stability how great is that ?

But eventually, short will be too short regardless of materials, ski shape, and design. So how short is that. I want to know so I can plan for the future. My 193 PK's that I bought in October of '97 may have a couple of stone grinds left. They will have to be replaced in about 2 years, either because there is no base left, or they are just worn out.
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if you're a speed skier....anything you can get off the wall is too short lol. To be honest...i don't know...i mean....you can go as short as like...70cm...but once you hit below 110cm or so, you're entering the forbidden world of snollerblades...hahaha

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Sure, you can ski on snowblades or just about anything, but what still works as a ski? As I have well publicized on this site, I ski the Rossi T-Power Cobra X [next year changing from Cobra to Viper] in a 160 cm. I am an intermediate, 5'8" and 150 pounds. The 160 is as short as I would want to go. I can not imagine that I would ever turn easier, and I certainly don't need to. These skis place a premium on fore/aft balance and are not so forgiving in that respect. Since turning them is a non-issue, going shorter would only mean more difficult fore/aft balance problems. Sure, it can be done. Some do it as training to improve fore/aft balance. But for a ski to enjoy . . . 160 is pleanty short enough for me. To be fair, Elan makes some skis which a person of my size would ski in a 123 cm. I haven't tried that yet, but I'd like to just to see what it is like. My T-Powers are great, but they were so difficult for me in ungroomed snow that I added the K2 Mod 7/8 in a 174 to my quiver for that purpose. The Mod 7/8 is not only 14 cm longer than the T-Power, it's also MUCH wider, more shapely, and more flexible. It turns VERY easily, though not so much as the T-Power. So from my own point of view, 160 is as short as I want to go, and that's just for packed snow.
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