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New skis and a trip out west?

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First off, I know practically nothing about skiing compared to any of you guys on here... Id say Im a pretty good skier but I dont know any terms or how to describe my style or anything. Im looking to buy a replacement set of skis for my Dynastar Speed carve 63's... Anyone familiar with these skis? I loved them at first, but started looking for replacements last year. They do exactly what I bought them for, carving at really high speeds on open spaces with pretty even snow. However, Im trying to get on some more challening terrain now with tighter slopes (maybe some trees involved every now and then, something I couldnt do with these skis) and less even snow. I cant take big, speedy carving types of turns on a narrow black diamond out west or anything like that. Im looking for something softer and lighter, so I can start making tighter turns at slower speeds... Something more maneuverable and versatile, but still capable of some cruising too. All Ive demoed so far is the volkl 5 star, and it was great for most everything I wanted except that it was really twitchy at speed. Now I know this is a long list of things to want from one ski, and maybe the volkl 5* is as close as Ill get, but is there anything out there thats kind of a medium between these two skis? Or do you have any other recomendations that I should look into? I have another really general question... Ive been out west only one time, to snowbird. We're thinking of going out west again this year (same group of people that went to snowbird). Where are the "cheap" places to go? Sorry if this is in the forum but I figured this post would be ok in here. Thanks for any help guys. Also how do you attach pictures on here?
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Usually when you're trying to find a ski that's softer and lighter, you're going to lose a little stability at the top end. But if you want to get into quicker turns through trees, then that's the sacrifice. The 5*'s are a good ski, but if you're looking for more umph, I'd check out the Allstar. I'll toss in the Fischer RX8, too.

As for cheap trips, the flight always ends up costing a majority of my money because I stay in cheap places. I can usually find prety cheap flights to SLC and Tahoe (Reno) when I'm searching.

- Matt
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You have to do TWO things to post a pic.

1. Find a place on the net to park the image ("host it")... I have my own site, but understand many online use either http://www.imageshack.ws/ or http://www.photobucket.com/ for that.

2. Enter a reference in your post here to that image location at the other site ("a link to it"). You CAN'T use regular html on these forums, but can either copy the link provided to you by the hosting sites above or can hand code it with the following syntax (remove spaces);

[ i m g ] (image hosting location) [ / i m g ]

The (image hosting location) text may look like the following, but different web hosting site and image name etc;


When you do it right, the pic will show up in column like this;

Good luck,

(edit: ps. The above hosting sites often give you TWO types of text to enter as a link, one is for a "thumbnail" type smaller image, that when clicked shows the full size picture. The other will show the full size picture right in the forum... you should be able to tell them apart since one will likely have "thumbnail" somewhere in it?)
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Thanks, I dont know if its useful to post pics of my equipment but Ill put some up eventually. Thanks for the info matt, the rx8 came up last time I was looking but Ive never heard of the allstar. What about the 6 star? Or is that too close to the dynastars I already have?
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Let me just say I don't know much about skiing either, compared to the folks here, but I do know that speaking up is a faster way to learn than remaining silent. There is alot of talk around here about the Atomic Metron line of skis, and with good reason. I demoed a pair of metron m10 s at Loveland and I loved them. I demoed the 171 because that was all they had, I think I probably would have been even happier with a shorter pair. The reason is these skis love to turn. They are a heavy ski, they float in powder but sort of felt like I was water skiing, like I would sink if "the boat stopped". The fact that they were heavy probably made them more stable at speed and through crud. On hardpack they are alot of fun. I think I would really enjoy taking them down some steeps, because they turn quick enough to let you keep both skis on the ground. I would recomend you demo a pair and see what you think. I hope you find a pair of skis you love. Good luck.
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Awesome, Ill add those to my list of skis to check out. I was hearing a lot about those too but had forgot about them.
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As far as cheap and lots of fun- may I suggest red Mountain in British Columbia? A fairly cheap mountain with very cheap lodging nearby - yet its got some pretty good terrain. Only problem is its quite a distance from any major airports.
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Thanks for the suggestion cliff, Ill check it out. about the skis, another thing just occurred to me... The dynastars were 170s while the 5 stars I demoed where 168s. Do you think the 175 might be what Im looking for?
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mhk87, you'll get more comments about the skis over in the gear forums. Since you made this two topics, it's a little difficult for me to move it to the proper forum...

About the skis, I think that you'd be better off moving up to the 6* or Allstar, given your sensation of the twitchiness of the 5*. That just tells me that you're probably skiing them faster and with more pressure than they are designed to take. That happens to me on them, too.
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ill check both of those out... the 6* sounds like it could be what im looking for as long as it is still pretty maneuverable. thanks for the suggestion, ill post the ski gear part of this on the gear forum.
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