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'04-'05 Salomon xwave 10 vs. '05-'06 Salomon xwave 10 free

Does the honeycomb shell affect the performance of the boot (positive affect) in the '05-'06 model. Bottom line=> is it worth the extra $ to get the '05-'06 model? Has anyone here skied the new Salomon model.

I did a search and didn't find anything on the forum. I have read the reviews from ski, skiing, and bootfitters about this boot. I have had both of these boots on and they feel great.
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I haven't skied the new 10, but I have had it on my feet in the shop to compare to my current 03/04 x wave 10. The fit is very similar, but the flex is the real difference. While the flex is similar in terms of stiffness (new is slightly softer, imo), I think the new boot has a much smoother flex pattern than my current 10's. I think this is a positive improvement as I find the flex pattern of my current boot to be much less than smooth. In fact, in cold weather, it can be quite grabby.

One negative according to the shop. If you need extensive bootwork, the honeycomb design can limit how much the shell can be stretched in the area of the honeycomb pattern.
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about the same really

my 300day Xwave 10's (softened) feel the same as the 9's of this year.
I think the holes are a PITA and more marketing then reality
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Warning -- they do pack out quite a bit, so you might want to consider going even smaller than usual. Also, be sure that the ankle pocket is nice and tight. I won't comment on the boot itself as you know there are many reviews/coments on this site.

I must say that I am fascinated aout this idea -- supposedly it makes the outside edge less stiff/more forginving, but I have yet to read a review that bares this out.
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