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Aspen Tips

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After a long discussion period my family decided to go to Aspen/Snowmass since we undestood this will fit better all our levels of ski.

What I need is tips regarding what to do in Aspen and Snowmass in the evening and apres-ski. Where are the good points to go such as bars restaurants disco etc... Im 36 and we we have about 6 people at same age.

Where is the best apres ski scene there?

thanks in advance
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When are you going and where are you staying?

There is so much to do, that I don't know were to start.

I don't apr├Ęs-ski too much, usually just a swim with the kids. The community center pool, up by the Highlands, is really nice. Hanging out on the deck at the Ajax Tavern, right at the base of the gondola, is fun. I like Mezzaluna for happy hour, $5 pizza and $2 beers.

Almost all of the restaurants are pretty good, rents just way too high for a lousy one to last long.
Some of my favorites are:
Taka Sushi
Campo de Fiori
Steak Pit
Cashe Cashe
Blue Maze
Pine Creek Cookhouse

I don't do disco, but I think Club Chelsea and the Caribou Club are the places to be.
The Belly Up, has some really good, big name, live entertainment and is a great venue.

I just like walking around town!

I think you will have a great time!
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Also Boogies, across from the Gondola is a good family eatery.

I second visiting the community center. They've got a great therapeutic hot tub.

Aspen is the king of Apres Ski Life. there'll be plenty for you to do. Just bring a very FAT wallet. Cause it will cost you $$$$ for everything. (On my salary, a teacher's, I had to free load on the family for the past ten years of skiing there.) But I've been visiting since 96 twice a year.

Ended my tenure at aspen with three straight days of powder skiing. One with the Powdercats, one at snowmass, and one ropedrop morning in temerity and highlands bowl. Then over to the trees at buttermilk for a late afternoon where there was untracked three days after the storm in Tiehack.

I'll miss those hills. Now off to Washington, to ski crystal, baker, and alpental. And BC to ski Red and Whitewater.
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