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So here's the story.

My girlfriend just bought a pair of last years Volkl 5-Stars with the LT bindings. Unfortunately her feet are hella small. Her sole length is 259 mm. When we bought the ski I asked the guy selling us the skis if her boots will fit these skis. I had my doubts (the minimum size indicated on the bindings is 263 mm) but he reassured me that they would indeed fit.

Does anyone know if these bindings can be made to fit a boot sole length this small?

If they don't fit we have two options:

1) a different pair of skis
2) a new pair of boots.

Both options are viable, but it would be nice to hold off the boot purchase for another year...

As for option 2) Does anyone know the minimum sole length for the Dynastar Ski Cross 9's?
Thanks everyone.