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Winter Park conditions?

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Looks like good early season snow but anybody have first hand reports? I'm planning a trip 1st week of December and hoping to get some decent snow.
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I heard they got 19" last week, so its good so far! Enjoy your trip out here!
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I.A.A.N.S. (I am a new skier) - but we went up Sunday and had a blast. We never got up above the beginner's area, but there was good traffic and lots of early season snow. Enjoy
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Snow's still looking good. We're expecting a pretty good snow event starting Sunday night through next Thursday (forecast is saying 5 - 20 inches approx.

We opened the Jane yesterday, come on up.
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Conditions On Thanksgiving Day For WP

The open bump runs at Mary Jane were in good shape Thanksgiving day although I skied my rock skis just to be safe. Drunken Frenchman was particularly good. The conditions on the rest of the mountain were apallingly bad. My wife demoed a new snowboard she wanted for cruiser days and we ended up putting it back in the car after a few runs so she didn't ruin it and get charged. Nothing on the mountain was groomed except for Hughes and Larry Sale which were restricted to race practice. The bottom of a green run called parkway was groomed but who cares. These were the worst conditions on a holiday I have seen in 20 years of skiing WP/MJ. The coverage was so thin I hit more rocks through the thin cover on the "groomers" than in the previous 4 weeks I have been skiing other CO resorts. (Surprisingly I did not hit any rocks on the 5 bump runs I skied) I don't know why Intrawest did not groom any runs on a major holiday but I have come to expect less care of the runs since Intrawest took over WP a few years ago. Maybe they opened too much too early to compete with other resorts and didn't have enough base to groom. Hopefully they will get more snow tonight. I was planning to go up there Sunday but may go to A-Basin instead.
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