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Another Advice Thread

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ok, here's the deal, I would say I'm an advanced intermidiate skier ( I guess) I ski in the East, skiing blues, blacks/double blacks with no real problems, however I have freakin ancient Salomon pro link equipe straight skiis! I'm finally buying new ones and I need help. The salomons are a pr8 which i blieve is equal to about a 203 lenth...I liked them a lot, they were a powerful, fast ski........but I was limited to just groomed trails pretty much, no bumps of off piste type stuff.

So now I wanna try trees, & whatnot.....I don't really care for moguls per se, but would try them out with new skiis i suppose. I really just wnat a good ski that allows me to still rip down blues & blacks, but also will allow me to go on ungroomed trails & in the trees with confidence.....

A freind of mine reccomended the Volkl 724 exp's...which in fact I can get at a real good deal. I'm curious, any suggestions? Should I get them in a 177, or a 170? I am 6'3" and weigh 225. Any help would be EXCELLENT! Also any othe suggestions for other types of skiis would be great too, but since I can get such a good deal on the volkl, i'm leaninig towards them.

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Both 177 and 170 seem too short for you - but I am fairly ski education impaired.
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BLESS, welcome to EpicSki! Don't be shy...

Give your height and weight, the 177 is probably a better choice, although your skill level might back you down if you're prefer maneuverability to stability. The EXP is a nice ski, and there are many others you could consider, as well, especially if you have a demo opportunity.
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thanks for the advice & the welcome!

that's the problem though, I don't think i have any demo ooportunities.....

also, not sure what you mean by "back me down" when it comes to manueverability & stability? Layman's terms man, laymans terms.

thanks again!
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I think he was saying that the longer ski might be tougher to steer but the extra length will give you a more stable feel. It all depends on what you're looking for. You're a big guy, so I'd think the 177's would grow on you as you get better.
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Go longer

I say the 177. You will already be in for a big adjustment, if you go too short, you'll regret it.

When I say adjustment, I mean this: They won't feel the same, period. But given some time, you'll love them.

I talked my brother into (finally) buying some shaped-skis... but he still uses his 1970's ski technique. He has reasonably good gear now, but he doesn't make full use of the stuff. Oh well, you can lead a horse to water....
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I would just be concerned that someone of your height and weight will overpower a 170 and find them really "squirrely." If you can't demo, I'd lean towards the longer length, because you can always adapt to a longer ski (at your ability level), but if you overpower a shorter ski, you're out of luck till you get a new ski.

For what it's worth, my husband is 5'8", weighs about 165 lbs, and skis a 178. He is a patroller and a highly skilled skier, and I know sometimes more-skilled skiers still like to ski longer skis, but he really finds the shorter lengths he's tested are unstable for him. And since he really relies more on finesse than strength to ski (because of a bad injury he had a few years ago) I think that's important to note.

I am 5'4", 140 lbs., and I have a pair of Volkls in a 177 that I have no problem skiing on, though my length of choice is closer to 165. Can't go shorter than that because I overpower them.

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I agree with thatsagirl.
My husband has several sets of volkls. His ski of choice is the EXP in 177. He is 6'1" 175 lbs. I'm 5'6"130lbs and we can both ski on them, though they seem a little beefy to me and I prefer my skis in a 163 to 170ish length.
You will love the EXP. Stable, fast, and still performs well enough to carry you into your next level of expertise.

Good luck and have fun!
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177 at your weight, and thatsagirl's logic is right can adjust technique up, hard to adjust down...

great ski, spent a couple days on em and loved em...I am 6' 185lbs

In fact looking for a pair of 724 either exp or ax3/ or G3's (flat mount not motion) to mount some mrr's on that I have laying got a good deal tip? PM me!
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Very interesting. Back in the day, I used to ski the prolinks 1s and 3s in pr7, which was 203 and 197, respectively. I was 6'1" and 165. I thought the 3s were great in the bumps, actually, but I'm not an intermediate. You actaullly sound more like an "advanced skier" handling those skis, and if you can ski any decent double black.

At your size, I wouldn't go any shorter than 184. The 184 in that volkl is going to be wAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY lighter and have much less swing weight than your old boards, but still retain some stablity. In bumps and trees, the 170 is going to be way too short - unstable fore-aft.
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Just read your specs again. You are 40 lbs heavier than me. I loved the 177 but if a sweet deal came along on the 184 in a flat mount I would snag it with no worries....I have some short skis for the groomers...

I can see a case made for the 184 at 225# for sure....esp coming off power 8 solly old school...
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Back in the day i skied rossi 4cs in a 205 cm. I switched over to a salomon x scream in 187 length and I love it. I had demoed some other skis closer to the 177 range and found them a little too unstable - and I'm 6'2" and only 180 lbs. I think if you are used to a longer skis going to short might feel a little too turny.
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I can't thank you guys enough for the help.....I ended up buying the 177's...I got em brand new with the piston bindings for $450. Friend of mine works the ski shop......what ya think??? I figure oh well, if I hate em still got the old Salomons

thanks again.
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Originally Posted by BLESS
I can't thank you guys enough for the help.....I ended up buying the 177's...I got em brand new with the piston bindings for $450. Friend of mine works the ski shop......what ya think??? I figure oh well, if I hate em still got the old Salomons thanks again.
Nice deal!

Please post a review of your impressions as soon as you get back from the mountain.

Enjoy the skis
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hey, I'm from RHODY too.
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You'll enjoy those, BLESS. I still think that they are a beefy enough ski to ski shorter if you tend to ski slower and prefer maneuverability to stability at speed. But, the 177 is more the typical recommended length for you. The 184 is the Highway Star length, which would be appropriate if your typical turns are long carved arcs.
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Originally Posted by BLESS
hey, I'm from RHODY too.

Nice play! Assume you will be riding em at Wachusett this weekend? I am not sure if I am going Sat or Sun.

I live 1/2 mile from Yawgoo...Max hasn't turned the guns on yet...maybe tonight I'll hear em.

You didn't happen to buy at Smitty's in West Warwick did you?
I know Kevin and Rob have a couple pair of 7 24 exp's left over from last year...I almost bought a pair, but I went for the Volkl Allstars instead. I am looking for a flat mount pair tho, either a 7 24 exp or a 7 24 ax3. Either a 177 or 184. Not interested in the motion set up for that ski. I have some mint MRR's I would mount on em.

Enjoy. We'll have to try to get some RI bears together at Wachusett later on this year.
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It may have been smitty's. It's a secret.

I wanna get up to Killington this week, however it's not in the cards....If we keep up the cold weather, I may take the NEAS trip to stratton on the 7th.
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