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G4 topsheets

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does anyone else have problems with G4´s supersoft topsheets? i have skied with my G4´s now 7 times and tails have really deep cuts(i had to fix one with epoxy because i could see titanium stuff inside the ski). they look almoust worse than my old bandit xx tails after 2 and half season. otherwise it is a really great ski.
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I have the G-3 last year and this years g-3 they booth have that soft top sheet. They changed the texture or design a little this year just to hid the nicks , but it still shows . My P-50 gs , race has a similar topsheet.I think they use it since it so flexible that it does not hinder the flex, since it so soft. For what it is worth.
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thats maybe true. but i think soft top sheet is not really good in freeskiing. it would be much better with hard top sheets even if it makes ski more stiffer.
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The V-Pro topsheet is nearly indestrucible. I teach on both the V-Pro and a P40 SL, and the difference is amazing.
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