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Custom Footbeds

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I am thinking about getting custom footbeds for my boots which I bought several hours away from where I live. They priced them out at $200.00, and are necessary for my high arches .

Being naturally lazy (and cheap), I was wondering if any local decent ski shop could make custom footbeds for me or does it require alot of knowledge and skill. Does anyone have any foot bed experiance that they can share?
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I agree that custom footbeds are a very worthy expense, especially if you have high arches. However, $200 seems too high. You'll be able to keep the footbeds for a long time, and transfer them to new boots over the years, so that makes the expense a bit easier to swallow. For $125-$150, you should be able to get a good set of footbeds (unless you're talking Canadian $$). Any decent ski shop should be able to make them for you. It does require some knowledge and skill. If you post your location, I'm sure folks here can point you to a good shop.
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As someone whose feet are a punishment from God for something I did in a previous life I highly recommend footbeds. The actual creation of the bed is not rocket science, but you should get them from someone who is a good bootfitter. They will change your foot position somewhat (pulling your heel back) and thus may change something else. Check out the bootfitter list at As for the price, that is high end. I paid $180 in Tahoe for the top end insert, and everything in California is more expensive than the rest of the skiing planet.
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Thanks for the information. My location is Connecticut.
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A proper footbed (custom, semi-custom, or just a high end outta the box unit) will always help, if it's fitted and applied properly.

Footbeds support and stabilize the foot, allowing higher performance, better snow feel, better fit, warmer feet, and prevent cramping and loss of circulation.

There's no reason NOT to have them, and a million reasons for why they're great, although $200 USD is a bit high, unless it's for the full CNC machined units...
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I had instaprints made for $180.00 here in California.Make sure to go to a good bootfitter even if you have to drive a ways.
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Green Mountain Orthodics at Stratton.

No more pain ... all gain ... happy camper!
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$200 seems way too expensive. Eric at Alpine House in Wethersfield is knowledgeable as is Sean at Northern Ski works in Ludlow, Vt. Good luck.
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