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JH is Looking Good

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Originally Posted by catskills
Sunny and dry. :

That storm a week and a half ago got us all jazzed and actually did put down some fairly significant base-type snow. I've been skiing Teton Pass a little and the skiing's been pretty good for as little total snowfall as we've had.

Still, I would say that we're at least 40-60" of new snowfall away from having the entire ski area skiable. The storms we've had were heavier from mid-mountain up, so the snowpack has a pretty good start up high but there ain't much snow on about the bottom 1,000 vertical feet of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

The Forest Service avalanche report says we've had 79" of total snowfall since October 1 at the 9,300 foot elevation (JHMR base is 6,200). 22" is the settled base at that elevation. My old-time yardstick for the Jackson Hole mountain was that skiing didn't start to be good over the entire mountain until the settled base gets up around 60-75".

We have a ways to go. But it's early yet, right?

JHMR opens for the season on December 3. They are making snow like crazy on Apres Vous and Casper. We should have good sliding by opening day but we're going to need some more substantial storms before the whole mountain will be any good.
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Thanks Catskills! I didn't know you even knew what I looked like, but I appreciate the compliment!

Ohhhhhhh, you meant Jackson Hole...... nevermind
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Hey Bob,

Thanks for the report. The JH pics do look awesome back east here. Its early yet.

Sorry to burst your bubble there JohnH.
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